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Guild QoL System Ideas

DolyemDolyem Member
edited August 2022 in General Discussion
Very bored and had some free time. Just wanted to throw some ideas out there for Guild Management Quality of Life. Feel free to critique/expand on anything I mention.

Guild Member Profiles - Make it so each member can be viewed in the guild tab so you can see information such as
-Gear Level?
-Guild Rank
-Roles/Temporary Roles
-Primary/secondary class
-Selected/assigned main class role (tank,healer, range dps, melee dps, magic or physical
dps types maybe?)
-2 Highest Level Professions
-Home Node Name
-Last time played

Guild Stats - Viewable to Guild leader with option to be made public to the guild or just the officers. Just statistics showing how many of each Max Level, guild rank, guild role, class, class role, and mastered professions.

Guild Roles - Obviously there will be guild ranks, but I feel like also having roles can help with guild banking and permissions, allowing certain tabs to be accessible with the proper rank and role. Roles would be more for allocating class role bank tabs and things like that. An example would be a "Veteran" Rank with a "Melee Physical DPS" Role being able to access a bank tab assigned to those 2 perquisites to take a consumable for the raid that day. The tabs will be explained more in my next bit.

Temporary Roles/Temporary Guild Bank Tabs - Having Temporary roles and temporary guild bank tabs for raids and events. Temporary roles could be useful for assigning to people who signed up for an event or raid, making it easier to organize. On top of this there can also be Temporary Guild Bank Tabs, these would NOT grant additional storage space. It would simply create a tab accessible only by the roles/ranks assigned, and have items selected from permanent tabs shown for quick and easy access. This will make consumable distribution much more organized

Guild Bank Slot Allocation - I think it would be good to have a set amount of slots/tabs to have for a guild bank. But I also think it would be awesome if the guild leader/allowed ranks to be able to allocate those slots to those tabs as they see fit. An example would be instead of having 40 slots in every tab across 4 tabs, you could choose to have 70 slots on the first tab, 50 slots on the 2nd tab, 25 slots on the 3rd tab, and 15 slots on the 4th tab. Could allow for better bank management when having tabs accessible to particular role or ranks.
-Side note- it may also be an advantage to make it so you can allow/prevent certain
items from being able to be deposited into guild bank tabs via whitelists/blacklists of
specific items/item rarity/item type.

Custom Event Calendar/Sign-ups - Pretty Straight forward, but allow for yes/no/maybe RSVPs, class role selection, chronological sign up log(who signed up first), and make it so that the guild leader/assigned ranks/roles can make a group/groups/raid with the players who signed up and assign temporary roles for each so temporary tabs can be made for them to get any consumables or items needed for the event.
-Side Note- Maybe for each event/raid, there can be a specific guild bank log of the
items acquired in the event/raid and who they were distributed to in the guild. (include
roll results for each piece of gear)



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    One thing i missed in wow was being able to link different characters together, so people knew it was the same player.
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    WarthWarth Member
    edited August 2022
    Option to export the member list with class, level, rank, taxstatus, contribution last online date, comment and other pertinent information into an excel/google sheets spreadsheet
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    Multiple g-chat channels with differing permission requirements
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    Ability to set member and item specific permission for the guild storages.

    Aka being able to set, that only player A, C, F and M can take lumber out of the storage as they are then only trusted carpenters
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    DolyemDolyem Member
    edited August 2022
    Warth wrote: »
    Ability to set member and item specific permission for the guild storages.

    Aka being able to set, that only player A, C, F and M can take lumber out of the storage as they are then only trusted carpenters

    Yup, that's what I would use roles for. Like you could set a role as "guild master blacksmith" and they could have their own guild bank tab with materials
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