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First time On any type of Forum…Just some ideas I Have :)

A Quest that involves you travelling with a troupe of actors in a play, a somewhat short quest line but in doing so you travel from towns to cities actually being in the play. The characters you are with could be funny or memorable in some way..At the end you could maybe be able to choose 1 of 3 different personalities for your Character that you could turn on or off. A cool reward, cool way to see the areas, could also become part of a larger Quest? Like one of the actors is a runnnaway Nobel or something?


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    Welcome, Arluca! Cool idea - reminds me of that play in Witcher 3 to find Du Du.
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    I’ve actually only played Wild Hunt haha, since finding out about this game I’ve literally been dreaming regularly about different ideas lol
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    Welcome bro !!
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    That kind of quest is what I'm hoping to see more of. Small self-contained stories that have unique rewards and aren't literal chores.
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    Do you come from ESO? :smile: It sounds like it!

    A couple of years ago ESO released Summerset (the main island of the high elves) which included a town for actors/performers which fit the elven lore very well. So i'm all for if characters could join some sort of school that gives quests with rewards that gives 'personalities' that you can turn on/off or affects emotes. ESO does this.
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