Guilds/Clans/Alliances System

What i feel would be cool for a game is a good Guild system that will let you go into everything but will be better if you take your time in investing points/guild perks or something like that for the guild/clans system that could be in this game having 6 trees you could go into for these "guild perks" each tree has different perks and the 6 trees i have in mind are:
Gathering (mainly gathering items plant life/minerals anywhere under the sea, in caves, on hills, etc)
Crafting [mainly works on processing, crafting, building(siege weapons, ships, wagons, maybe buildings?)]
Exploration (mainly exploring land and for fighting PvE stuff in the game)
Land Combat (mainly PvP stuff in the game to help with end game PvPing)
Sea Exploration [mainly exploring the sea, fishing, and hunting for whales, sharks, or sea leviathan(maybe world boss)]
Navel Combat (mainly PvP stuff using siege weapons like cannon, trebuchet, ballista, etc ; and using some of that stuff on ships for navel PvP)
The reason why i would want to see this all in a game is for the Alliances System(if you chose to have one) where the max amount of players that can be in an Alliance is 300(or whatever number you think is good and it working with the max amount for players to be in a guild) so if the max about of people that could be in a guild is like 100 that means at 3 guilds at the smallest amount can be in an Alliance for the max amount of players or if each guild had 5 members(or whatever the requirment of members to start a guild/clan) then it would be 60 guilds if each guild have 5 members in it(i feel like adding this could make the big guilds and small guilds balance in some way but not fully because i still want the big guilds to have something more because they worked to get those numbers and should have something for the work they put into that guild/clan)
Another reason why i would like Alliances lets say an ally crafting guild/guildie wants to hire a body guard for items he is transporting and someone from an ally guild would cost less to hire for the job then someone else because of the alliance or a Navel combat guild want to get another galley or something and want to hire a crafting guild to make it for them the ally crafting guild would cost less to hire to craft it then a non alliance guild
Also with the claiming of towns/cities i feel like the guild shouldn't own it but the Alliance(so like the land combat guild/s would be the frontliners or the heavy dps groups as the crafting guild/s is most heavy on support(healing, buffing, reviving, or repairing) and the navel combat guild/s would be the people that man the siege weapons/ships(if its a port) and can also repair but not as good as the crafting guild(if you haven't already have a set in stone idea for how towns/cities are taken or owned)
Could be a good idea of what a alliance is trying to take over(towns/cities/outpost/forts/etc) they could only do it if the have X amount of members so there will be a high middle and low tier of alliances depending on there size of members in the alliance depends on what they can go after
After all this am pretty sure thing thinking would the smaller alliances get bullied by the bigger alliances out there and you could always add treaty system where alliances could make different type of treaties with other alliances(this only helps if a alliance/guild goes to war in the open world does not effect alliances claiming anything and treaties do not help with getting a discount for stuff in the game that other players can give only effects if a guild/alliance receives a declaration of war for open world GvG/Alliance Vs Alliance and if you think they will need to be a "criteria" the would need to fit in for the treaty to even be available to them)
Now i sure you thinking about the other 3 Guild Trees well they would focus more on World Boss/Raids that would happen in the game for item drops that would help with crafting better gear/ships/weapons/etc ; am sure you thinking like wouldn't the pvp guild alliances have no problems with the world boss/raids i feel like they need to go into those guild trees to even stand a chance against these task i would like heavy difficulty when it comes to end game PvE because i would like to see every guild tree needs the other trees for stuff(so for the bigger guilds they could get the perks faster to finish there tree and start going into the other where a smaller guild it would take more time, but the alliance system helps out)

That is all i could remember while typing this out(sorry if this is already in a game but all of the games i have played i have yet to see a game that could pull all this together yet or do it) i will try to remember the rest of what i was thinking about to finish this idea because its kinda small


  • Have you checked out the Q&A video? They have a nice little segment regarding guilds.

    <a href="">Main question starts here</a> but there's a quick rundown on some of the guild perks <a href="">at this stage.</a>
  • So basicly guild perks in a talent tree and there are several trees to invest in.
    Yeah I'm always for stuff to do and group progression, especially if you can do it with others together. It's a good idea.
    I have to say I'm unsure tho about what perks should give, like you said "you need it to do the pve endgame" It shouldn't go so far as to be necessery in my opinion.
    Benefits yes, necessery no.

    One thing I need to correct, nodes can not be directly claimed by guilds, there are different kinds of positions people can aquire in a node, like a major as "ruler" of the node i suppose. That happens through different methods depending on the zone a node is in.
    Examples where given like, election, trial by combat, and i can't remember the others, some kind of contribution in faith? <thinking>.

    A guild can claim one of the castles that exist in the world tho.
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