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[EU] Voices from the Grave | PVP/PVX | Semi-Hardcore | RP Elements

shirozukeshirozuke Member
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Have you been one foot in the grave all your life and want to capitalize on that?

It is time for you to leave your days as a lone wolf behind and join this pack of mercenaries! We want to use the game offered social opportunity to become one of the most respected, feared and revered mercenary companies of Verra. We welcome any adventurers who wants to build fortune and fame, but also those crafters and traders who are not afraid to commune with shady mofos.


Ω - Creating a special training program with achievable levels of tiers

☥ - Client questboard categorized by tiers

Ω - Caravan and shipment defending for a worthy price

☥ - Taking part of Settlements defending and attacking

Ω - Defeating world bosses, dungeons and raids and whatever comes in our way

☥ - Building a town where people can depend on finding us

Ω - Creating events for ourselves and the citizens of Verra


☥ - Cooperation in a family-like team

Ω - A space for competitive and semi-casual players who are looking to devote their time into their characters

☥ - Experienced and dedicated GMs

Ω - You can reach us anytime

☥ - A safe, social place on our Discord server


Ω - Be social!

☥ - We don’t expect 8 hours of activity every day but take note that we want to be the most reputable mercenary guild

Ω - Learn from your mistakes, don’t make a hussle. If something goes wrong you can try it again

☥ - Be dedicated to your character. The guild has some RP elements but it’s mostly just building our history. You are not obliged to RP 24/7

For clients we will have a questboard on Discord where their quests will be put into different tiers depending on difficulty and can be chosen by our players to be done.



  • I could imagine that You will be a desired Guild/Band of Mercenaries to protect one or several Nodes who will be attacked constantly for their nice, sweet Territory.

    The fewer Guilds like Yours there, the higher the Demand to hire You. ; >
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