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Diving and underwater secrets/treasures

I think this would be a fun option to have for exploration, resource gathering, or maybe having diving as a profession. I think underwater exploration also could be connected to lost or hidden areas you couldn't get to otherwise- such as sunken ships or caves that you can act as hidden santuaries that require risk or danger to reach. Maybe it could also lead to access points to the otherwise inaccessible parts of the underrealm. Other rewards that could be found aside from hidden items, are maybe ways of improving efficiency, such as unknown underwater currents that could influence travel ship/swimming speed, or lead to hidden portals that can act as shortcuts to important places.

Since this would create points of interest, it would also be cool to have a form of underwater combat as well for underwater enemies or pvp.


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    Love it.

    One of my favorite and scariest parts of Assassin's Creed: Odyssey is underwater exploration - since I'm scared to death of sharks - and the sharks in AC:O have been implemented just a little too well. :o
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    This is all been pretty much confirmed to be there yes.
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