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Maximum range on lock-on ranged attacks

Should lock-on ranged attacks have a range after which the attack stops following you?

I imagine the classic situation where someone casts a spell at you whilst you're in range, and then you, on your mount, run away from the maximum range of that skill, but the attack follows you regardless, until it hits.

What do you guys prefer? What have been similar situations you've found yourself in, in other games, that inform your decision?


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    I believe yes, there should be a max range at which the attacks/skills stops or cancels the ranged skill cast or attack.

    Mainly for 2 reasons, the first is to keep Tab Target skills potential in check and limit their advantage giving movement skills counterplay possibilities against them and the second is to not make them absurdly OP in chasing scenarios.

    Both Llineage 2 and Archeage has Maximum effective ranges for the majority of their TT skills.

    For Lineage 2 the target had to move around ~60% beyond the skills max range before the end of the skill cast to cancel/stop it.

    For Archeage, About ~50% beyond the skills max range before the end of the skill cast to cancel/stop it.
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    I’d think, if Player A gets a shot off at the last millisecond before Player B goes out of range, and the mechanics rule that attack is a hit, it needs to hit Player B. If the graphic can’t catch-up, the damage (or heal) needs to register against Player B’s health.
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    SongRuneSongRune Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    edited August 2022
    For stuff with "slightly slow" shot speed that makes it matter in the first place, and long range, I don't mind if it fails if they dodge. It's no different than missing any other skillshot based on positioning (in this case range). High shot speed, or shorter range stuff, I prefer it hits.
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