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[NA/EU] The Wolves of Verra

The Wolves of Verra, Loyalty, Bravery, Honor, Integrity, Community. These are what make the Wolf.

We are a 18+, PvX, PvP, Raid, War, and Crafter Community. We have Membership based all around the world and times zones. We are a welcoming Guild who wants to establish a foot hold in Verra and establish lines of trade, alliances, and fun times for all its members. From Raiding, to PVP battles we want to take it all in! We would consider ourselves to be a smaller Guild with a big feel.

The needs of the Pack is what drives all our members. Don't let the small Pack fool you, we mean business and plan to establish ourselves as one of the Elite groups in Verra.

Members of the Guild have the freedom to choose their Race, Build, Professions and anything else they want there is no requirement to be in the Guild from a play standpoint. Members also have opportunity to move up the Ranks based on the term of there service and their contributions and victories in service to the Pack.

Key things we want to do:
Build strong Alliances
Have ownership of a Node
Help alliances get a node in same ZOI
Get a Castle
PvP, PvE, crafting
Retain talent for leadership roles within the guild
Work together along side our ally's to have fun

We are a big community who want to focus on having any and everything available to all its members at any given time or time zone. We are built around the sense of Community (The Pack). We are streamer friendly and have a make up of small to medium sized content creators as well as people who don't at all.

Welcome on in and lets all have Fun and build The Wolves Den to new heights!

Contact @[WoV] DevilzFury

The Wolves of Verra
are recruiting:
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