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Novels based on Verra before release?

If this forum exists already please redirect, but I have yet to find one.

So before the launch of other MMOs like Warhammer Online and Guild Wars 2 the publishing companies released novels that introduced key figures, gave background lore, and a driving story to the lead-up of the game launch.

While I understand this is a different kind of MMO with its open-world player-driven development there are still quest lines, nation history, racial culture and interactions. I also recall hearing the devs at a few points mentioning they played a Pathfinder game in the world before.

Who else has thought this?
What other kinds of media do you think would be good?
What topics would you want to see books writen on?


  • UnderdelveUnderdelve Member
    edited August 2022
    Intrepid hired a pretty experienced Narrative Designer, last year, who recently worked on Elder Scrolls Online.

    I would hope that we would get some novels/comics/graphic novels that delve a bit more into the Half Elves of the Toren Empire - the precursor race to the Aelan (Humans) and the Pryrian Elves.

    Along with this, I would like to see a novel that covers King Atrax, in addition to other forms of media that talks more about how the base races deviated into two sub-races.

    It could be that instead of focusing on external media, related to lore, Intrepid instead seeds such lore throughout the world of Verra, in game. But that's pretty standard for MMORPGs.

    I'm with you, I would like to get some more background about the races and various cultures that preceded The Fall via additional external sources outside of the Wiki.

  • DygzDygz Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    Not before launch.
  • LOL , we created the same topic at the same time ( approximate )
    Sorry if I created it after you, I didn't see your topic.
  • DygzDygz Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    Seemed like there was 1 minute difference in the posts.
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