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Asking the hardest questions

During these challenging times, I find myself asking the following questions:

Will my friends judge me if I mainly play a female elf waifu?

Will my wife divorce me for buying too many cosmetics?

Does playing a human really mean I'm a basic middle age dad? If I play human does that mean I need to buy Newbalance shoes or will crocs be acceptable?

Is it okay for my wife to restrict my game time so that I can't level faster than her?

Should I ask for time off for the release or should I use a week of sick days? What's the best excuse?

My search for answers continues...


  • AzheraeAzherae Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    As the local oracle I feel compelled to help you with these.

    1. Yes, but probably positively.
    2. This cannot be answered as it depends on the definition of 'too many', but technically therefore is always yes.
    3. It only implies that you are basic, however if you are also a middle-aged dad, then yes. Crocs are always acceptable.
    4. Only if the reason you have more game time than she does is related to roles within your relationship, otherwise this is her responsibility.
    5. It is not necessary to play additional hours during Ashes release, but you should move this to asking for time off during Beta 2 if you have or plan to have access to this.

    The Oracle has spoken.
    Sorry, my native language is Erlang.
  • To quote a random 8 year old girl that could be heard over another player's mic, "it's just grown men playing with paper dolls." From the mouth of babes!
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