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Weapon stances

Ace1234Ace1234 Member
edited August 2022 in General Discussion
I think it would be beneficial if they were to take the same idea of having different vatiations for classes, and added this to weapons so you can choose between different weapon "stances".

This could allow for more of a spectrum of how each weapon could behave- to allow you to tweak your weapon class more toward a specific role you are going for. I think this could add further depth to builds, as well as adding even more variety in people's similar class and weapon choices (even though there is already a good amount, I believe this could add more value).

This could be done through
A) having various combat roles represented by the stances available within each weapon type to choose from, to fine tune the overall combat role of that weapon type. This would be more focused on "how" you approach combat.
B)maybe even being able to blend the different stances together, similar to a skill tree where you can spec into one or choose a mixture of each
C) adding another layer of active/passive skills within each stance to be able to have unique combat options outside of just the weapon itself, for each weapon. This would be more focused on "what" you can do in combat through having more options provided by your weapon choice
D) Each stance potentially being tied to a different animation set, or allowing you to customize certain cosmetic aspects of that stance (such as being able to decide how you grip your weapon, or how your body is positioned).
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