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UK/EU NobblyWobbly's Casual 18+ | PvX, PvP | GMT | Dwarf focused but all races accepted.

MitchzMitchz Member
edited September 2022 in EU Guild Recruitment
    A guild for the Dunir

    Well where to start? You may join the discord an appear to find it quite empty as of now. But the guild currently already exists as a small group within last oasis/conan exiles. By they will all be joining the discord closer to launch of the game.
    Mature themes for immature minds:

    The family of Nobbly's is for mature folks, Those that have a good sense of humour and want to genuinely have fun whilst playing the game. Whilst we are looking for recruits that can take things seriously such as raiding and pvp, We also want an incredibly relaxed atmosphere with the least amount of Drama possible.
    We are after skilled and active PvP'ers:

    Skill is not a requirement to take part in playing with us. All I hope is that you are willing and game. I am a heads first into the fray kind of leader, I will always stay and fight in pvp until my last breath's a game and that's whats fun to me. If you're also the type of player who enjoys the thrill of the fight and helping push your guild towards a higher status more than induvial skill, Then this is the place for you (Hopefully).
    Crafting? Gathering? MORE WOOD ME LORD?

    Grinding is a passion of my small group in and of itself, we all absolutely filthy disgusting grinders. And it's okay if your all clean n scrubbed up, and not much of a grinder yourself. The same has to be said about grinding as pvp, We are after activity more than quantity/quality. Whilst I hope you are the type of player that is happy to grind an evening away for the sake of the guild. It is totally okay if you aren't. We all have jobs and some the lucky few of us have well...second jobs (a family). So you just being active and farming around the hours that suit you, Suit us.
    Buuu-ut I'm not a stinking bearded dwarf?

    This is okay, We are accepting of all races and classes. But we are trying to encourage mains as a dwarf to try and influence wherever we may call home into a more Dunir looking node. (If we gain the numbers to be lucky enough to maintain control of a node, Which we very much plan on doing)

    We are also searching for shot callers in PvE for raids etc.

    There will also be a very light ranking system and dedicated crafters.

    So if you are:

    - 18+ and have a mic
    - A casual MMO lover for both PvP and PvE
    - A boomer with a sense of humour
    - Willing to help grow and be part of a friendly community

    You can find us at our discord here -
    Or you can send me a message directly on here or via discord - Mitch#6300


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