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Character Ideas

SaltyOnigiriSaltyOnigiri Member
edited September 2022 in Role-Playing Tavern
I’ve been thinking a lot about different weaknesses and ideas for characters based on their races and wanted to know what you guys think about different quirks and things that could make a character unique!

Here are some examples to get convo started:
May have congenital atrichia(the total absence of hair from birth). We could have fun lore that the longer and more hair a dunir has, the stronger their considered by other dunirs. Our character has a sharp temper due to feeling self conscious over his lack of hair.

Dialogue: “My six year old daughters got more beard hair than this lass. Are we sure he’s not a gnome? Or a goblin?” Leads to a huge fist brawl in a tavern.

Perhaps a saying like: “you know what they say about big horned py’rai🤣” then have a bard character with extremely small horns run around with a complex.

You could also have a character with a tragic backstory that results in them having one large and one small horn making the character extremely clumsy.

We’ve been told they have a Jinn influence and I just think it would be hilarious if there was a character terrified of weird shaped pots and vases. They would also be horrified of alchemists.

It would be interesting if the Tulnar population begins having trouble as a percentage of their babies are born blind due to a lack of needing to see in the under realm. I’m thinking of a fun character with witty banter and an interesting way of “seeing” , perhaps echolocation ect. Think of a Tulnar with toph from avatar: the last airbender’s personality.

I’ve always been a sucker for honor bound characters. I think it would be funny to have a fledgling ren’kai who always consults his honor guide before making a decision. He’s constantly worried he’s not acting in the most honorable way even going so far as to apply the guide to situations where it makes zero sense.


  • Also feel free to post any character ideas you have not just race specific ones!
  • ChimeChime Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Vek: Celestial. Purpose. Fate. When one stargazes they find beauty lies beyond our world, when The Vek stargaze they find fate lies beyond our time. Star maps, numerology and prophecy are integral parts of each Vek's life. Great leaders read the heavens for how wars will go, which empires will rise and fall, and the Vek often ask themselves "are we too late?"

    Interesting to see if someone uses star maps for guidance or how much stock they put into it. "The stars have spoken, we head East." etc.
    "Bravery only means something to those who are afraid of death."
  • LukaiLuxLukaiLux Member
    edited September 2022
    "You know what they say about big horned Py'rai" lmaoo I'm definitely using that on a Py'rai that annoys me.

    Any character horrified of alchemists would lead to some humorous chaos. No health pots, better have a reliable healer lol

    The Ren'Kai idea reminds me of Chidi from the Good Place. A character like that would either die in pvp, or have a mental breakdown after surviving, F.

    ~~ Some Other Ideas ~~
    With people talking about hunting certain races, you could make a Tulnar called the "Gnome Eater", who always prioritizes targeting Dunir in combat. Some backstory as to why they despise the Dunir could give some added depth, or not; maybe they just hate Dunir the same way some people hate nails on a chalkboard. I'm sure watching them be killed by a Dunir would be both satisfying and hilarious. Woe to those near the 'Gnome Eater's' respawn point lol (They hold no issue with the Nikua, after all, why would they?)

    A Tulnar with a Dragon complex. They only wear Shiny armors, and use flamboyant weapons, regardless of functionality. If given the option of beating a mob with a shiny lvl23 dagger, or an ugly lvl57 scimitar, they'd choose the dagger, as it's "only fitting someone of my status and ability to use something beautiful and glamorous." Istg, this character would be obnoxious. Maybe a good ranger/summoner, as they don't like getting their armor 'dirty', and instead have 'servants' attack in their stead.

    A Py'Rai herbalist that's allergic to most flowers. They could play as a stingy healer who hates the use of magic, and relies on Nature's Bounty for healing and buffs. Would be challenging to play this way; would recommend as an alt if anyone actually does this. (basically the opposite of your Vaelune)

    The Fourth Wall. A wandering nutcase that preaches about the world to come. One where the apocalypse of magic will reshape the world of Vera into one that is mechanically dependent. A future of metal dragons called "planes" and steadless carriages powered by liquified rocks. Tall castles that caress the clouds and an invisible library called the "internet". (Probably a Bard with a mighty imagination, or the High Priest of a Divine Node)
  • A Ren'kai who finds honor in deeds rather than martial combat, watching over his people's shrine town (faith node) from the rooftops as a Shadow Guardian. Bit of a warrior poet or philosopher, but constantly worries that his pursuits will be undone and be meaningless in the face of any neanderthal who can muscle their way through anything, as he has seen in many arenas by his Ren'kai brothers and sisters who value martial prowess above all else. Enduring disrespect is easy, but failing those who depended on you feels unforgivable.

    A Nikua spellmancer, an acolyte of the elements who summons the primal forces of nature (I hope). A fisherman turned shipbuilder by trade, he wishes to explore beyond the humble fishing village node and see the grand markets, soaring towers, his industrialized cousins, and trade across the world as a seller of exotic goods and cultural knowledge. He knows nothing about economics outside of maybe the price of a good fish, and will take a lot of learning and even more courage to brave the hostile pirate infested oceans, but a bit of faith in the elements, strong shipbuilding, and some Nikua seafaring can maybe see him through the toughest storms.

    A Kaelar soulbow/falconer who relishes the woodland wilds. To him, being a ranger is being the most alive. The nip in the morning air beckoning a fresh dawn, the slight breeze rustling the trees and carrying scents of the untamed wilds, birdsongs heralding the first glimpse of the morning light, and a long deep breath before releasing an arrow in an almost spiritual connection with his surroundings and his part in it. Cities are their own ecosystem, apart from nature, and it's a headache. A constant migraine of rules and formalities that nurture ignorance of the real world outside their walls. He wants little part in it, and would sooner sleep in a tree with a nice view of the distant snowcapped mountains.
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