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Obtaining legendary gear

ChicagoChicago Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
Hey guys hope youre all well, im sure this question has been answered but im curious will there be items that are "nodrop" or cant be traded im curious as the best crafting materials will probably drop off legendary world bosses will it be able to be bought from other players as i can see some big guilds controling most if not all of the kills and loot

Cheers guys


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    Yes, tradeable.
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    Big guilds/Alliances will always have an advantage when it comes to end-game gear and that's how it should be. Yes, they will probably kill end-game bosses first and either get the materials needed to craft best gear or even receive certain full-item drops. However, with a massive in-game economy as is, you can, as a solo player, play the market and wiggle yourself into end-game gear one way or another.
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