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Ship Types

Hi all question for the devs but also question for the community, with the ship building and open seas being announced as open pvp, I was curious if there is a plan to establish dedicated river vessels,

from the wiki
Ships may be able to be summoned in rivers (or other bodies of water) depending on the depth of the water

I think a branch of river specific boats could be pretty sweet, such as a "Ferry or barge" looking at the Kaela Riverlands especially having the smaller rivers be inaccessible to frigates or galleons but accessible to ferries and barges could make for some interesting rp opportunities for people to set up ferry teams that traverse shallower waters that the larger deeper hulled advanced ship types cannot. Some towns/nodes that decide to build harbors on lakes accessible through narrow rivers get the protection of being unable to have frigates on their door step but have the cost of how easy it would be to blockade.

additionally this could be a feature you choose when constructing your ship X hull allows for access to x deep water,
and conversely if you take a river barge onto the open ocean it should have significant speed and other debuffs applied (i'd even accept a "Sea worthiness" stat for ships where if you take a ship of low sea worthiness to the middle of the ocean it can take damage and perhaps be destroyed/capsize.

Just something to consider I think major rivers should of course permit the larger vessels but I do think there should certainly be constraints and we shouldn't see ships like large raid galleons too far inland. I think the notion of having ships specialized for river/coastal transportation vs Open ocean could encourage a variety of ship builds and tell you about the player when you see their ship, if they are sailing a shallow hulled coastal ship they could have a home base further inland than your deep hulled boat meaning if you get them into open ocean you'll have a better chance of overtaking them.
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