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Player driven economy || the depth of that economy.

HighbornHighborn Member
edited September 2022 in General Discussion
Hey. I'm nor sure if there was a discussion about this, but even if there was, i have missed it.

With the player driven economy IIRC, it was said, that there'll be an auction house. I like that... but that's not enough.
If seasons were meant to force changes in the economy, such as some mats will by cyclical, i think systems needed to be built on that ON TOP of the auction house.

What am i talking about? Well, i'm talking about commodities futures market & options on those.
Just like in real life, futures market should be in any serious player driven economy. It serves multiple purposes obviously, but in very short, it's price stability & arbitrage. I think for the economically savvy, this would serve as a source of profit, for the gatherers & consumers it'd provide price stability.

Regarding options on futures i'm not sure how it should be handled. At least the margin part. IRL If you blow your account with puts (or futures, or puts on futures), you're very deep in the hole and have to pay back, but in the game you can make a "new account" and start with a clean slate, so i don't think margin should be allowed / large collaterals should be posted.

I'm not sure how EVE online has solved this (or if they did), but i know that the game economy there is close to real life stocks/futures market.

What are your thoughts? Should a system like this be a thing?


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    HighbornHighborn Member
    edited September 2022
    forgot to pose the question: what are your thoughts

    never mind, found the edit button
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    HinotoriHinotori Member, Leader of Men, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    Ashes of creation will have a stock market
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    Natasha wrote: »
    Ashes of creation will have a stock market

    i'm talking about comodities / future market tho. Not every stock exchanges has comodities as far as i know
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    SongRuneSongRune Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    edited September 2022
    The problem with a futures market is that players don't have to deliver on their contracts. You'd need to establish a penalty that can make buyers whole without creating materials that don't exist in the economy. The only real option would be forced purchase at market rates if the future seller didn't have the items in the warehouse when the contract expired, and leaving the player in debt.

    This doesn't address low liquidity in the market at certain times of year, however. It doesn't turn out well for either buyers who may not get their contracts honored, nor sellers who get backed into corners and pay millions for 100 iron.

    These are problems in the real life markets as well, but a lot more players will get into this in a game without realizing what they're doing than in the real life financial markets, and there will be less institutional capacity to massively outweigh the effects of those entities, nor a broker training and licensing system to ensure that someone who knows what they're doing is responsible for all transactions (theirs and their clients).

    Unqualified players may learn about this the hard (or easy) way and leave the market, but the important point is that players inhibitions and caution will be far lower on initial attempts and entering into the market in the first place, resulting in a lot more disruption which could threaten either the system or the general gameplay experience for both sides.

    I'm against unlimited exposure financial instruments in a general population MMO.

    That said, while a system like this cannot be effectively implemented as an in game mechanic, it is the sort of thing that is likely to function reasonably well between well established guilds, operating on a natural reputation system when it comes to unfulfilled contracts, and I wouldn't be surprised to see some websites pop up to support this player driven market.
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