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Armor stands

StreviStrevi Member
edited September 2022 in General Discussion
I see no armor stand in that picture

Where will I keep my rusty armor?
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    SongRuneSongRune Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    To be fair, there's no space for it there. It's probably on the other side behind the photographer.
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    It's wearing Ranger Camo and currently looks like a pretty treasure-chest.
    This link may help you:
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    It's John Cena.
    Dark Knight Dummo

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    I do want a armour stands. In WoW I kept my old armour sets in the bank but being to show them in my house will look cool. I also do this in Minecraft.
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    If there's no "official" armor stand where you can place/replace weapons/armor then I think all items go inside the treasure chest.
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