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Event System Follow-up Discussion!



  • Lots of good ideas but I want to focus on Consequences.
    Events are not for single players as such any consequences should affect the people in the area and not a single player. As an example if players fail to stop some bad thing it should be something like NPC shops shut down for time or slower respawn of nearby ores. What I would hate to see is something like hurting a homestead. Events should make players want to do things as a group to do some kind of goal for example if a homestead was in danger and the player is 2 hours deep in a planed 5 hour guild activity they shouldn't have to tell the group sorry guys my homestead is in danger and I have to go defend it.
  • I read a comment in another thread that made me think of something I have not actually seen in an MMO before. Japanese RPG style dungeons.

    These dungeons, according to lore, appear naturally and randomly and have to be discovered by exploring. They are procedurally generated and biome based. They have an initial number of floors that expand over time and may be accelerated by player deaths within the dungeon. Each consecutive floor of the dungeon is more difficult than the last, and each floor has a floor boss (this can also be a procedurally generated mob but with higher stats). The dropped loot is the same loot the mobs drop outside of the dungeon with the exception of the floor boss having a higher tier item drop%.

    A dungeon will continue to grow until it is cleared meaning the number of floors will increase and the difficulty will as well. This difficulty can be mob stats, number of mobs that appear at one time, or types of mobs. This can mean a dungeon has the potential to grow into an end-game challenge that even veteran players have trouble with.

    A dungeon is cleared by defeating the final floor boss. Doing so should have a guaranteed chance of dropping a very rare or powerful item (scaled by the number of floors the dungeon had). Once a dungeon is cleared, it will disappear from the map.

    Until a dungeon is cleared, mobs may spawn in greater numbers and attack nodes. Not only will this indicate that there is a dungeon nearby, but it can tie into some of the other events that are already planned. These spawns may be reduced if the dungeon is visited regularly.

    I think these would be a great idea for several reasons:
    1. It creates a whole new "profession" for those who want to be dedicated to clearing dungeons. Perhaps even add a tracker for dungeons cleared for clout purposes.
    2. Because these dungeons are procedurally generated, it does not require constant manual updating. Once they are spawned, they run their course.
    3. Dungeons will most likely require groups to complete based on the difficulty scaling. The most difficult dungeons require raids (which still might not be enough depending on the level of the dungeon). Maybe specific gear is needed to combat these challenges?
    4. It will be exciting for the community whenever a high level dungeon is discovered. Maybe there could even be dungeon specific items.

    Please let me know what you think. I really love the idea of a hoard of monsters attacking the surrounding area to indicate a dungeon, then after it is located, a group of players can try to defeat it, or die trying. Eventually a dungeon can become a staple for a node if it becomes large enough.
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    Idea of defense style management.

    According to wiki
    Corrupted areas are sources of NPC events that players need to address before they grow out of hand.[4][2]
    If players fail to address these corrupted areas, the frequency of NPC events against their node will increase.

    These events could be small and frequent or larger and more powerful.
    The mayor could have some strategic control and shift between these patterns by triggering certain type of daily quests.
    The purpose would be to try to ensure that the larger events will happen in weekend when more players are online.
    That means that these larger events should, without mayor action slide away from weekends and the consequence would be that there are not enough players available to defend the city or whatever points are being attacked by NPCs.

    Certain quests would delay the large invasions, other quests would hasten them.
    Finding the right succession for these quests can be made more or less challenging by adding player perturbations:
    • player activities on the map might also influence NPCs behavior and alter the mayor's prediction. So he has to observe what players do or don't: his citizens may gather, harvest, hunt, quest too much or too little...
    • there might be non-citizens and other node citizens too which may intentionally interfere.
    • maybe other mayors could trigger quests which would push the corruption attacks away from their nodes and more toward our mayor's node. This would add also a political dimension. Allied nodes could even attract NPCs to reduce attacks on the weaker neighboring nodes, helping them to survive.
    • super events: two or more nodes could synchronize to create super events by luring the NPCs from multiple direction toward a strategic point of conflict. If that succeeds then special higher tier NPCs should spawn too. Such larger events once triggered could maybe even be deflected implanting fake information and enraging the corrupted army toward a common enemy node. The NPCs would start a march over a larger distance and attack the unsuspecting node. The quest which triggers this "rage" could also fail (either because the undercover agents are not good enough or because a simultaneous counter intelligence quest - maybe a pvp or monster coin interference). Then the NPC horde would go against the original nodes which initiated this chain of events.
    September 12. 2022: Being naked can also be used to bring a skilled artisan to different freeholds... Don't summon family!
  • PvP level up missions

    Assuming that the node has enemies (declared or not), the mayor could trigger some incursions into enemy area. These quests could be for
    - spying (suitable for solo thief or player-mentor team). The quest would be to locate a cloaked/invisible guard tower and steal a map from it and the crystal which generate the invisibility. The crystal should be delivered into own tower to activate an invisibility cloak. Both nodes' mayors would be notified when the event succeeds.
    - attack/defend guard towers holding crystals like the one mentioned above (suitable for a party)

    These events should give enhanced invisibility against high level players, to favor that specific level range.
    Veterans could also have alts locked at this specific level range to participate for fun or with purpose, if there are some rewards involved.
    September 12. 2022: Being naked can also be used to bring a skilled artisan to different freeholds... Don't summon family!
  • Mayor-Run Events: What are some events that you can think of that you’d want a node’s mayor to be capable of running?

    - Townhalls? Would be nice for citizens to have more opportunities to let the mayor know what they need.
    - Good old traditional mob hunting / resource gathering events, especially if upgrading / constructing node buildings require resources in addition to tax money (not sure if this will be the case)
    - "Rebuilding" events, if a previous failed event has caused damage to the node. Although these would still likely be PvE / resource events under the cover
    - Bounty hunt events. If some odd high-level rare mob spawns or corrupted players are terrorizing the local areas, the mayor can run events to encourage local players to deal with them.

    Consequences: What are some of the consequences of failing an event that you can imagine happening to the node you call home? Feel free to share your ideas!

    - dead / severely injured key/quest NPCs that will be gone for a while (hours? days?)
    - on rare occasions, short temporary occupation of the node by mobs / hostile NPCs
    - temporary destruction of residential buildings (auto repaired over time)
    - permanent destruction of other functional buildings (need to be rebuilt)
    - inflated NPC service prices or taxes
    - goblins dancing outside the gates trolling the incompetent players who can't even defend their home.

    Participation Rewards: Do you feel that events should require players to be online and/or onsite in order to receive rewards for participation? If so, why? If not, why not?

    Online - No.
    - Ashes is a game after all, and RL emergencies happen. :( It would definitely suck if I spent 50 min participating in a 60 min event, and had to go due to RL happenings (e.g. blackouts!) and lose the reward.

    Onsite - Depends.
    - Some events (e.g. node defense against mob assaults) should require players to stay onsite to receive the reward, so they can't just fight a bit and then go off to do their own PvE stuff while the node's getting raided.
    - Some other events (Those which progress / contributions can be tracked/measured) might work better if they don't require players to stay onsite till the end (less restrictions -> higher participation)
  • Just spit ball'n:
    -Festivals- -Fairs- -Tournaments- -Concerts- -Lotteries- -Town Meetings- -Easter Egg Hunts- -Secret Santa- -Fundraisers- -Scavenger Hunts- -Ceremonies- -Parades- -Farmers Market-
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    Mayor-Run Events: What are some events that you can think of that you’d want a node’s mayor to be capable of running?
    1.Gladiator pvp and pve competition with players spectating can bet on players participating. They should have ranking as well with top 10 only. For PVP rankers can challenge other rankers(low rank to upper rank not vise vera) and for PVE there should be 100 lvls that players can challenge with lvl 1 lowest lvl boss(not that easy thou) and lvl 100 be very very tough boss. (This PvE should be very challenging) Also, this will PvE will have audiences too and they can bet on player.
    As for betting, audiences will only know the lvl of the players participating. As for the participating players can bet on themselves but they can not bet on their opponent at the moment (to prevent bad plays)
    This event should be atleast a week to max a month long.

    2. Events based on top festivals around the world, this will be interesting. This should be a social type event of 1 day where players just come online to have fun with online friends.

    3. Hunting or Gathering events. This will be great to collect resources for the nodes. And players participating can get increased npc favors, crafting speed increases at node base, maybe cool blueprints maybe with cosmetic being a compulsory reward.

    4. Pokémon battle. Players who have tamed animals or beasts can participate.
    Only tamed animals or beasts can fight eachother, players themselves can not participate. Again audiences can bet.

    Note: All betting will go through taxes like 30% or 40% . This will be good income source for the nodes.

    5. Friendly Nodes events should be a thing too. Like Mayors in each region (ex. 5 or 10 nodes maybe) can launch an event where all the nodes in a region participate. This event can have node ranking system. This event where players of respective nodes compete with eachother. For this event, audiences can bet on their node players.  Winner top 1 rank node will have the amount collected from 10% of bets from player from home node and 50% of bets from player from enemy nodes(Players of winner node should get generous rewards as well)Hence, creating a sense of loyalty and competition within audiences too.
    Player info of players participating will only be shown as lvl... only if the player wins and decides to unravel the name will be shown. This may come up will nodes trying to bribe players if they can find info before competition(with the help of their spy). As all info of players participating will not be known by anyone except Mayors ( maybe 2/3 high rank node officials)
    This will be a start a battle of Wits to find  info about enemy teams if they can.

    Consequences: What are some of the consequences of failing an event that you can imagine happening to the node you call home? Feel free to share your ideas!
    For events on regional base or global base players should definitely feel sense of responsibility to protect the "home". In events where node itself is in danger of losing 100% of common stuff, 60%rare, 30 % epic, 10% legendary (no chance of losing anything above legendary, if there will be such thing) should be there.

    Participation Rewards: Do you feel that events should require players to be online and/or onsite in order to receive rewards for participation? If so, why? If not, why not?
    Once a player has successfully participated in an event there should not be a need for player to do extra activity just for rewards, as doing so will greatly have negative impact for participation itself. Imagine losing a reward just coz u were offline to receive it or far way from the place. Personally, I would hate it.
  • HeartbeatHeartbeat Member, Founder, Kickstarter
    I've always loved themed events, such as events that change either the weather, time of day or landscape around them for the duration of the event, such as a 24/7 snowing weather effect and decorations for christmas and constant night time for halloween. Events like these could be limited to a certain area of the map since the terrain/weather change could effect player gameplay with how it sounds Intrepid is making some systems.

    Or events that can only occur under certain landscape/weather conditions (snow, heavy rain, lightning storm, etc) with a somewhat higher chance or possibly guaranteed chance of occurring since they are under the condition of needing said weather effect.
  • Stormborn_LuciferStormborn_Lucifer Member, Alpha One, Adventurer

    I’ll causally leave my Reddit idea here.
  • 1 the events that mayors should do. They could be like town festivities for x reasons (raise the lv node, open a new building, defend an allied node or your own in a war) or in your case lore events, that the whole town meets in the square of the town we must look for the beast that kidnaps our people and steals our food for example.
    I think that mayors should do events related to the node or group big game events, the feeling of going with a whole town with saddlebags and torches for a creature that threatens the harvest is very cool

    2 the consequences of the node failing an event mission can lose a certain plant resource because the dragon has won and burned the land, the loss of defenses due to a goblin siege, even the deterioration of trade routes between nodes or even the same node

    3 the rewards for participation could be a title of: exemplary citizen of the node (name of the node). As the largest range having many more like pleasant visitor, brave tourist etc.
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