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Anyone got a answer to this question about augments?

im just curious if its been specified yet whether when it comes to augments, can you say take the overall secondary archtype of mage but than choose to have one ability augmented with fire and another with ice and yet another with teleportation or is it a blanket ALL abilities get augmented by frost if you choose frost at all or ALL are augmented by teleportation if you choose teleportation. it feels like build diversety would suffer heavily if its the latter.


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    Don't worry mate, augments are applied individually per skill, not overall to all skills.

    Augments are applied individually to active skills from a character's primary archetype.
    Aren't we all sinners?
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    aww hell fucking yea! thats literally the best system i have loved in eso. really the only issue eso has is it forgot in from the very fucking start it was supposed to be a *MASSIVELY MULTIPLAYER* game...
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