Hello all!

I heard of this game some time a go from a podcast or possibly from youtube. ( can't remember, getting old ;) )
What I know about the game so far sound interesting and I'm waiting to learn more. Especially about crafting.


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    Welcome to the forums then! If you haven't already then you should drop by the discord channel: https://discord.gg/ashesofcreation

    There was something else I was going to say but forgotten it now... Oh well, hope to see you in the discord channel, if I haven't already. I don't know, my memory doesn't seem to be much better than yours XD
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    Hi Silv!
    I have joined the discord channel. I go by TJay in discord. See you there.
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    take a pair of sandals and walk with us through the lands of our new hope.

    If you want to hear about crafting check out the discord Q&A we had, there are a few questions concerning it, for a first sneak peeky information to get a general idea what you can expect.
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    A fine smith! I hoe you know, that the devs mentioned smith like every smith can make unique skins for their crafted goods.

    Welcome in the hype train.
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    Thanks Grisu, I'll have to take a look .
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    Thanks Rivara! Tzuu tzuu!

    That sounds good. Have to see how it's implemented.
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