Should Ashes of Creation have Automatic Moderation?

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One of my viewers cashed in 50,000 viewer reward points for me to do a segment on Automated GMing and how Ashes of Creation should handle it in the wake of the recent World of Warcraft automated bans. Staysafe TV did an amazing job of showcasing how little it takes to trigger the automated response, and what all of the after affects of that ban were. Intrepid Studios and Ashes of Creation do not plan on using this method of automated GMing. Instead, Steven Sharif the Creative Director and CEO plans on investing money from the profits of Ashes of Creation into the caretaking of the game, which includes having a staff of active Game Masters’ who can investigate issues and be more reactionary than simply a team who respond to tickets.

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    This was weaponized in New World, and pretty much any other automated system can also be made to have the same effect.

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    AariciaAaricia Member
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    To answer the question on the title: for sure no. Having seen how players corrupted New World's automated system, I'll take an excellent ol' hard pass on anything remotely like that entering AoC.

    I'm sure that Intrepid wouldn't be slick like other game developers, claiming that there are human reviews when there are not. So the video is spot on about the human factor shouldn't be removed.
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    After watching that video, a hard NO. that was WoW being caught ina blatant lie. I have higher expectations from Steven and Ashes and even though this is their forst game am holding them to a higher standard, based on what he has seen in the past.
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