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Damage Redirection Mechanics - any good?

XeegXeeg Member
edited September 22 in General Discussion
I recently came across this idea during the tank discussion, but I think it deserves its own thread.

There is a lot of talk about threat and agro tables, but what about damage redirection mechanics? First of all, they could be PVE and PVP cross transferable, which is very important in an open world game. Then there are so many ways to implement them that it could be a lot of fun building interesting teams with odd combos in order to win a fight.

Of course, there may be very good reasons NOT to do this, please feel free to comment.

Here are some ideas for very basic abilities to illustrate what I'm talking about.
Obviously I hope the game designers can expand on these ideas for abilities that are much more clever and intricately balanced.

Cleric/Mage - Oracle:
Curse enemy to redirect 80% of spell damage to target ally for 5s.

Tank/Tank - Guardian:
AOE shout to redirect all movement impairing abilities from allies to self for the next 10s.

Fighter/Tank - Dreadnought:
Charge target enemy. Ignores unit collision except for target (can be pushed/stunned out of it). Upon hitting target, AOE absorb the next 200 dmg dealt by players affected for 30s

These type of abilities could be used in combination with invulnerabilities, immunities, resistances, shields, temp hps, etc. It could also open up the whole game for a large variety of tanking combinations. Maybe Mage/Tank (Spellstone) can cast "Invulnerability from spell dmg for 5s" to combo with Oracle for a specific part of a phase. Sure, maybe a Guardian "Invulnerability" can do the same job, and alot more, but now we have options.

You could have many combinations of these mechanics spread through the classes, making party composition building interesting, dynamic and a skill unto itself. "We need at least 4 immunities/resistances and 3 redirection abilities for this fight, OR a couple stuns and half the immunities". OK, maybe a 3rd of the class combinations can get some kind of immunity/resistances (X/Tank etc.) and a 3rd get some kind of redirect. Now we have some ways to make our group work, and it's going to require coordination and team play, and every group you join might have a different way to solve this problem.

Considering unit collision is a thing in this game, we have another layer of damage disruption too.

As long as this type of variable is something you can change relatively easily (Maybe some classes get it as a baseline ability, some augments do it, some weapons/shields do it) then it won't be too frustrating to play with different groups each night. Especially if the idea is that we want to actually go out and play with the people that are around us in the game, and not spend hours spamming LFG trying to find the perfect puzzle piece to fit your group build.

Scarcity problems in the game should be fun to solve by playing the game.


  • SapiverenusSapiverenus Member
    edited September 20
    Anything that makes the Tank the main character is a bad idea.
    Also the abilities should be more physical rather than a form of magic.
    Physical classes should be physical.

    Sub-classes should be a half-modification; Tank sub-Mage should be just a smarter kind of Tank; Fighter sub-Mage should be a Weapon Master lol. Tank sub-Mage could be a Martial Artist and blend unarmed with weapon/ shield, having a few extra moves and can switch between different attack types a bit quicker OR combo a little more.

    Tank sub-Tank as Grappler; Tank sub-Cleric can be a 'Wall' just really stoic basically. Great with a shield. Doesn't move as much when collided with. Higher health regen, maybe regens a little in-combat or something even.
    Tank sub-Summoner could be a Jailer. Great at using a Chain or something. Rope. Bolas. Tools to Ensnare. Has a bit of extra Knock to their Attacks/Bashes without Staggering (or minimal staggering).
    Tank sub-Bard can be a Guardian. Great at protecting One person, can quickly move their party members out of danger or something, a little self- sacrificial (dramatic), and is a bit more agile.
    Tank sub-Ranger could be a Lancer. Lance stuff. Minimal throwing involved.
    Tank sub-Rogue could be an Interceptor, great at mobility and providing a hand, recovers from knock back due to Agility pretty well. A bit better at dodging and deflecting or parrying rather than blocking and taking hits.

    Just variations of the physical theme should be what sub-types are all about. A lot more true to the Archetype as well.
  • I almost expect them to implement dmg redirection in one way or another. And if several archetypes have it - all the better.
  • I don't get why some people love arcade MMOs
  • LinikerLiniker Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    I don't get why some people love arcade MMOs

    Just shhhh man. You always saying dumb shit and trying to make this game your next survival game.

    Great suggestions, reflect damage skills should 100% be part of the Tank kit, in sma scale PvP i can see it being the tank main damage output when attacked by another player.

    Tank could have both magical and physical reflect skills but would spec more into one, love this idea and it's a great way to make tanks not easily killed by a DPS in 1v1 without having to give the tank high damage
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  • I think skills that reflect or redirect are fine in small doses.

    Even better ... if a specific dungeon or world boss mechanic required players to showcase these skills (when they are normally niche at best), that would be cool.
  • @Liniker
    You 100% love arcade MMOs and arcade games.
    Because you love wasting time on low-effort shit.
  • NatashaNatasha Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    You 100% love arcade MMOs and arcade games.
    Because you love wasting time on low-effort shit.

    You can't just out yourself as "low-effort shit" when people bother to reply to you.


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  • Redirect, Protect, Revenge and Reflect abilities are nice.


    In small dosis though.
  • maouwmaouw Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Tank/Mage can be like Matilda:


    but multiplied to the power of Neo:


    I wish I were deep and tragic
  • @Natasha
    I recall complaining how low-effort replies to me were in another thread.
    So yeah it makes perfect sense. People here want to put in 1% effort and 'win' or progress in shit.
  • SapiverenusSapiverenus Member
    edited September 24
    Anyone can throw a damage redirection spell on a class. It's cheap and easy.

    Actually putting in the work to have a physical tank with a deep kit based on attributes, skill, and physical moves; adding more mechanics to the base game (movement, positioning, 'control effects', wound system, et cetera) is Not cheap and easy.

    I'd rather see something good than something cheap and easy. L' OM 'OA
  • @Sapiverenus
    Thanks for commenting on my thread. I'm not exactly sure how your comments relate to the topic of damage redirection. Are you trying to make the argument that its implementation would result in players putting in no effort and winning easily?
  • LordPaxLordPax Member
    edited September 22
    Totally agree with OP. Not sure how they would implement it, but some variation of protection.

    In GW1, monks had "protection" spells that did just that. 'block the next 5 attacks against target', 'protected from conditions for 10 seconds', etc. They were the go-to healer in the game. However, warriors had physical blocking skills, a 'block next spell used against you' skill, along with armor buffs. Ritualist had "while holding this item, take reduced magic damage" etc.

    There's various ways to add similar mitigation skills, while keeping the unique flavors of each sub class

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  • SapiverenusSapiverenus Member
    edited September 23
    Xeeg wrote: »
    Thanks for commenting on my thread. I'm not exactly sure how your comments relate to the topic of damage redirection. Are you trying to make the argument that its implementation would result in players putting in no effort and winning easily?

    Damage redirection is magical. Everything else in my first post is clear.
  • VoxtriumVoxtrium Member
    edited September 23
    Damage redirection is definitely a good idea. As someone indicated damage redirection is an excellent way to balance a dps with a tank without giving the tank damage. Otherwise, an example could be like a designated target ally as an oathsworn for a raid means 10% of that players damage taken is redirected at the tank and 10% of that players damage is given as a bonus to the tank (not reduced from og dmg)
  • I don't see any issues with having skills with damage redirection. Of course, like everything else, it will require balancing but it's a cool concept nonetheless, I like it.
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