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Feedback: Melee Combos

Watching the June Development Update I love most aspects of the melee combat. It looks like a good balance of control and weight, but I don't love the combos.

It was specially obvious with the daggers: one, two, THREE, pause, one, two, THREE, pause, one two, THREE, pause.

I know a lot of games focus on these basic attack combos with a combo finisher at the end, but personally I feel like it just gets in the way, specially the pause at the end.

I think just removing the pause at the end, specifically for the daggers, would be better.


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    Depending on how Intrepid design their skill cds, that pause might be there to let the players weave the abilities into their basic attacks. Additionally there's the weapon passives, that we got 0 info about, which might change/add smth about that basic combo.
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    SapiverenusSapiverenus Member
    edited September 2022
    A small quick and untelegraphed attack during the pause;[ that doesn't lunge the character forward]; would be good. Low damage.
    1 at the beginning 1 at the end would be very good.

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