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Getting people on board for AOC

I am a longtime MMO player and have been following AOC since early on but at an arms length and very casually. Its always a struggle when I try to get people I play with to look at a new MMO since they are so engrained in their current WOW/FFX experience. The whole reason I purchased the advanced pack today and what really pushed me over the edge was because this great overview video I watched last night. If you are trying to get your fellow MMO'ers excited about AOC I highly recommend the link from Lazy Peon. VERY SOLID overview of the game and scope got me super excited about it. Check it out Here . Its his most recent WHY you should be hyped about this game and its SO GOOD!!

Side note, I am not associated with Lazy Peon or his stream or videos in any way but it is an AMZING video of the features of ASHES and got me to go back and watch all the development update videos and hyped to get involved. Maybe it will work for you game group people too!


  • Paid Promotion.
  • Nope, not at all. I just found it to be a really comprehensive video of what the game is going to bring to the table and what is different about AOC versus other MMO's currently available. But thanks for trying to call me out for being dishonest without any real reason. Much appreciated. Thanks for the welcome to the community.

  • @Chickenlipzz OH I saw that. It is pretty good.
  • The big Alpha will probably get a lot more people interested when they can actually give it a spin, with all the usual caveats in mind.
  • Warth wrote: »
    Paid Promotion.

    Whats that quote ... ? "All publicity is good publicity"

    Jokes aside, im just happy people are here. The more the merrier!

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    I noticed they mentioned Alpha 2 alot in the last live stream. Hoping that rolls around in the near future so I can participate but looking forward to all the info coming out of A1 and tests so far.
  • There are some good videos out there. I have some friends in mind I want to introduce AoC to, but I'll be waiting until an alpha 2 is set. Easier to convince people imho.
  • People have been burned so much by MMOs, single players too (Cyberpunk 2077 for example. Which I am currently playing and loving) Get all hyped up then the game is junk. Especially a few years ago when the field was saturated. I do think it will draw more interest as release gets closer. Plus, so many people are totally against playing a sub game. I have never understood that, really. People I know spend more monthly than cost of a sub.
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