[NA-WEST] Vantage || 18+ | Active | Casual to Semi-HC | PvX | Alpha 2 | Competitive | Laid-Back

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We're a newer community, starting from the ground up. If you like being a part of the development process, would like to a part of our history from the get-go, or interested in a leadership role down the road, we'd love to have you.

About Us:
🔹Vantage is a new and upcoming NA gaming community for Ashes of Creation & in the MMO/Gaming world.
🔹Vantage is a guild focused on two things: competitiveness and community. And although we are small in size, we still expect quality over quantity. Therefore, we expect you to bring your A-game to the table.
🔹As Semi-Hardcore, we are looking to blend a relaxing and laid-back community with a competitive one. If you're one that enjoys doing stupid things with friends but you get competitive when the action begins, you'll fit right in to our little community.

Our Mission:
🔹We want to become a well known community on our chosen server and achieve many of our guild goals.
🔹However, we also want to be a community that others look up to: being that fun and exciting, yet powerful and competitive guild.

Guild Goals:
🔹Trophy Park - Server Firsts on Raids, Bosses, etc.
🔹Metropolis - To Establish Our Own Metropolis
🔹Patron Guild - Claiming a Guild Hall, Stock Market Participation, Guild Abilities and More.
🔹Economic Power - Control a Good Portion of the Economics in Ashes and Influence the World Around Us.
🔹And more...

What We Seek:
🔹Players who are Competitive. Those who want to strive for greatness and push not only themselves, but their guildmates also.
🔹Players who are Respectful. We want players who aren't toxic.
🔹Players who are Dedicated. We're looking for members who want to put in the time and work.
🔹Players who are Active. Nothing worse than a dead community. The guild is what you make it.
🔹Players who are Passionate for Ashes of Creation and the MMO community.
🔹Players who are Strategic. Gamers who are ten steps ahead.
🔹Additionally, Vantage is currently seeking both community leaders and members.

🔹Searching for those with Alpha 2+ Packs, However All Are Welcome!
🔹Age 18+ Restriction
🔹Previous MMO Experience is an Asset, But Not Required.
🔹English Speaking

Our Discord: https://discord.gg/qQnzxURYrZ



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    If you are looking to build a competitive community from the ground up or just join a new one, I would recommend Vantage. The guild leader is welcoming, fun to play games with, and is always taking feedback from others and trying to improve the guild each day. I haven’t been in the guild for that long, but the things above have made me plan to stay for a long time.
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    AxysAxys Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Thanks Krunchy, I'm glad it feels like home to you!
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    AxysAxys Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    If you're looking for a new *literally* community to hang out with, come check out our discord and fill in an application. We'd love to have you!
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    New logo!
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