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A quest to encourage exploration of the map.

This mission is exclusively for teamwork, getting players to interact with each other.
This quest would be perfect for getting resources to buy skins or anything.

Quest name: Timewalkers

At a certain time of day, two NPCs spawn at random locations from a certain location on the map
These NPCs would only stay for a few minutes and then disappear again.
And for this reason for players to be able to complete this quest, they would have to mount a 'raid' on the map so that everyone spreads around the map and when someone finds the NPC he will disclose where the NPC is.
In short, this is the quest!

The positive point of this mission is that there will be interaction between players and this will encourage exploration on the map...

Due to the massive size of the Ashes map, I believe this quest would have to be restricted to a certain location.

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