Interested and Hopeful - A newbs introduction

Hello! My names colorblindcrayon I just want to start off that I've been hearing good things about this game a decided to do more research, the more I found out about the game the more interested I became... so here I am. I've already joined the discord and go by the name Icarus. Any tips, videos, links, and good reading material about this game is very much appreciated. I really look forward to finding out more about this game and getting involved with the community. Hope to see you all soon!

-ColorBlindCrayon AKA Icarus


  • Welcome to the AoC forums!

    If you're looking to catch up then check out the <a href="">Dev Blogs</a> and obviously the discord channel which you're already sign up to. Also definitely check out the AoC <a href="">Youtube channel</a> and watch the Q&A vid, or if you'd rather you can read the highlights <a href="">here</a>.

    See you in the discord chat!
  • Welcome!

    another addition to Silv's links is <a href="" target="_blank"></a> has alot of helpfull links in that post :)
  • Haia Icarus! Welcome to the Forums aannnddddd the Discord! I hope you have fun around here :D
  • Welcome to the community!
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