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Harvesting Ideas for the Open Sea.

AbaratAbarat Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
edited September 2022 in General Discussion
if there were to be some type of harvesting in the open (always pvp flagged) sea, what would it look like?

Fishing is obvious.
Mining... on the back of a giant turtle?
Wood... a flotilla of sea debris with wood on it (or giant redwood seaweed you need to chop from the bottom of the ocean, but you can identify from above somehow)
Gathering... tall seaweed poking out of the water (maybe requires you to go under water) or flowers that float like lily pads
Random... perhaps you could find very rare spawn items (think like household items, e.g. rugs, a chair, a skin for your fireplace, etc.) that have been discarded. Things that could be repaired by craftsman of various types to make unique/very rare cosmetic items.

To go with the whole Risk vs. Reward model, these harvests could produce unique rare items for crafting or just to vendor for cash.


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