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Combat Visualizations and Effects.

"My high level spell should have a visual effect that instills fear in my enemies.. but doesn't leave a single mark on them.. sigh."

The visual fidelity of spells and weapon impacts. What should stick around compared to what is instant.

Visual presence and weight: Having an impact announces a sense of power behind the hit. sound and a visible reaction can infer damage. What we see is what we get as a result of our hard work. So why is it that we don't see it?.. what we do see is a glowing red bar go down, (how very.. non-inspiring. ..cough..) a health bar, which is nice for sure but doesn't portray a sense of visual confidence.

Explosions/impacts show us an immense power concentrated and erupting or hurled from a distance, in whatever form it is expended as, leaving an affected area of damage. shattered remanence and dust. (grenades, magic impacts, mass driven by acceleration, bombs, etc..)

Corrosive or corruption has a lengthy destructive reaction to whatever it touches. Like flames eating away at wood. Lasting for many rounds until removed or naturally weakens over time. (flames, Acid, Curses, diseases, afflictions, etc..)

Physical representation of injury and battle: Can we see the effects of strain and injury to our characters and our enemies?
Will cuts be shown bleeding? Will limping after massive damage is done from blunt or heavy objects? Will there be a dire need for healers to heal such injuries to keep the battle going?

or.. will we see health bars go down.. and that's it..

Again, Is it possible to enact these visuals with some sense of presence/weight behind them? should games start treating damage as more than just health bar visuals and have more consequence to the gravity of the situations? (not just stun mechanics and poison mechanics.. used in every.. EVERY boss battle)

Let me know your thoughts on this by leaving a comment below.



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    AzheraeAzherae Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    It is possible, but it is usually neither required nor worth the additional visual processing to the player having the experience.

    That said, if added to a PvE situation, no harm I guess?
    Sorry, my native language is Erlang.
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    I agree that I want to feel the damage that I inflict on an enemy. One game that does this very well is Apex legends. I understand it is a different genre of game but I'm sure the same type of principles could be used for an mmorpg. All it pretty much comes down to sound and visual effect at the same time. For example, the sound of armor breaking when you hit them with a critical hit.
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    It's my personal opinion that Black Desert Online has the best combat systems of any MMO to date. The graphics, speed of attacks and animations set it apart from everything else. Each class having its own unique skill set and bringing its own flare to large scale war. If you bring all that ashes Is in line with BDO combat systems and animations. It's the best MMO ever made. Not saying copy it but bring it up to speed with. Combat and movment looks alot like new world 2.0 and that's def not it. Just my opinion for PvP mechanics so far. Flagging and everything else looks fantastic. The game as a whole is next level. Just hoping to see more speed and animations. Better movment from characters! Cheers and Can't wait till the game releases!
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