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Vaelune Roleplayers

Hey All,

As a Vaelune roleplayer, I wanted to get your thoughts on the new character art. As well as the new lore tidbits we got on the race.

Did this change impact your decision to roleplay a Vaelune character?

The Vaelune have an interesting lineage and there is some influence there that when the Velune step through the portal, some portions of their body begin to exhibit this almost essence-like rupture in the skin; and you guys are going to see some examples of that in the future; and it is a bit of some Jinn influence in their lineage as a race that sets them apart from their Kaelar counterparts.


  • Gui10Gui10 Member
    @Neurath would have something to say, I'm sure...
  • NeurathNeurath Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    I think it is perfect for my role play:

    Oracles are often chosen against their will and the essence tears can be uncomfortable. Only faith in Resna and the hope of a return to old haunts fuel my Vaelune Oracle.

    The concept art looks very refined and high brow as if countless Jinn wishes, a lack of love, no easy way out on death and no wishes granted for themselves have made their hearts cold and their essence bloom.
    Dreams can become nightmares.Vaelune Enchanter.
  • I'm excited to see the new models!
  • Updating this with the new character renders, I love the direction they're going with he Vaelune. Top Tier imo.
  • A " little bit of Jinn Influence " in their Lineage ... ...

    I could imagine them to have "magical Buffs" as some kind of racial Ability. Like : more Mana. Quicker Casting Time : lesser Mana-Costs : or higher Healing or Damage when casting ... ...

    Also they look pretty cool. Keeping an Eye on that Group. ;)
  • This race will probably be the best for dps magic classes, which I think alot of rp players would want to create one specially since vealune its the other human race we have available.
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