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[NA] Acolytes | Semi-Hardcore | PvX | Large Scale, Castles and Naval Warfare ++ | Casuals & Hardcore


About Acolytes

Acolytes is a guild about building a community of laid back people who like to both PvP and PvE.
Everything from small to large scale PvP and Warfare.
We will do everything Ashes of Creation has to offer.
Control our own land and set our own rules.

What we offer

  • Dedicated leadership to the game you will come to love.
  • Shot callers not afraid to take the fight and not afraid to lose pixels
  • Organized events daily and weekly
  • Drama and toxic free environment so we can focus on the gaming
  • Respect both inwards and outwards to community and non-community members
  • End game level play at the highest level while maintaining a stress free atmosphere
  • Sieges, Naval warfare, ZvZ and more
  • A place to meet people you will enjoy playing with and make memories together

How do I join

Join us in discord and message @Putzin#8460

See you out there!

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