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The combat gameplay

This is just something i wanted to put out there after seeing the ranger gameplay and thinking back to what we got to see of the melee combat a while back and ive realized something that both makes me happy and realize now is the perfect time to talk about this idea i just got. Essentially what i have realized after having just started playing the game Naraka bladepoint recently is that the combat we have seen feels REALLY similar at least in spirit even if it also seems a good bit similar to naraka seen as in naraka the melee combat side of things is heavily focused on the fact that there are set weapon types and with each one techincally you only have left and right mouse with c followed by lmb or rmb does a uppercut and of course doing combs like lmb lmb lmb has the vertical horizontal combo chain of the weapon your using with than lastly there is also parrying and feints. ultimately when you break down what you have it isnt that much but the skill comes in how you use that little to make a lot either by charging a horizontal attack only to cancel and followup with a uncharged vertical or charge up from a distance and intentionally miss only to than follow up with a uppercut into a true combo.

like i said the combat ashes has shown so far doesnt seem to even be that complex but could be if steven and the team decide to take some cues from naraka like for example, with all weapons aside from maybe spellbooks and shields, there will be NO hard block as in a block you can hold down but instead there will be a parry that lets you stop some dmg if you time the parry right and maybe even shields and spellbooks would still have the drawback that if you dont time the block than the dmg you stop is gonna be A LOT less really emphasizing being present and aware of you enemies and what they are doing. beyond that they can also take the way that naraka has done unlocked fromsoft style combat where the attack with almost autolockon to anyone close enough to you and in the center of your screen letting you easily swap targets but also easily enough actually hit the person your intending to.

really all in all i guess this is all just to say that im loving the seeming direction of the combat and hope that steven and the team do what they have done everywhere else in the game and look at ALL other games that are even remotely similar to theirs to see if those games can offer them good templates to start from when it comes to designing their own like they did with the node systems and the caravans and the open world pvp and dungeons and etc. and etc.
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