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How do skills system work?

LyssPlyssLyssPlyss Member
edited October 2022 in General Discussion
Hello! First I want to apologize cause this question might have been asked like a million times before, but I've just discovered Ashes of Creation and I've doing some research about how skill system works and for what I have understood you have different skill trees:
-Weapon skill tree (which was not implemented on Alpha 1, but devs where discussing on 30/09 dev stream) .
-Pasive skill tree.
-Active skill tree for primary archetype skills.
-And some augments which secondary archetype will provide and will affect class skills.

My questions are:
1) Is this how skills system will work? I would be happy if this is the way. I find this really interesting and, if it's paired with good and regular balance, this will mean a lot of fun.
2) I've been going through wiki to see classes active skills sets and I saw the sets for Cleric, Tank and Mage. Can someone explain how this skills were unlocked? Were them all available when you create the character or you unlocked them by leveling?
3) I assume, but I also want to confirm, that there were only 9 active skills cause it was the Alpha 1.So, are there going to be more than 9 active skills per class on launch? 9 active skills looks like a really low number, but it might be cause it was an Alpha 1.

Finally, I want to congrats devs. You guys are doing an amazing job with this project, and seeing from where the project came and where is at this point is absolutely mind blowing.
Thank you in advance!
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