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Would you consider a sapper profession? Thoughts on sieges.

GandalfthegrapeGandalfthegrape Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
In a similar manner that sappers in holdfast, the toolbox in mordhau, techies in dota 2 before the mine changes, combat building in rust, heidelberg in league all work. The concept being able to control map flow, positions, inflict some damage for area deterrence, and ultimately force the enemy into an unfavorable location in order for your damage dealing teammates to inflict a deceive blow. I think this would make sieges a significantly more dynamic place in this world. This would be massively helpful for staging ambushes on trade routs and overcoming determined and well equipped enemies that outnumber you if they aren't organized well. With the way classes are 2 parters in this game I don't think it would work in combination as far as available resources to designs and build with everything else when added as a class. But it might work as a standalone profession that is a lot less strong than a class that multiple people can use together before or mid battle. Or perhaps in the future if standalone classes not part of the grid system get added this could be one of them.

The funnest repeatable sieges/large scale battles I have ever been a part of in any game from wargames in wow to dvz minecraft were on the raid simulator servers in rust, I think this is because of how similar it end up being to an actual siege where you are desperately fighting for every square foot, being able to retake your castle if the enemy over extends and gets wiped, where the risk and reward for every action is obvious and tangible, you're able to suppress your enemy while you send in a team for an important objective, which is punishable by a sally, which is also then punishable by a trap or crossfire. Controlling where your entry point is. You can scale the walls or blow through them. You can slowly surround and remove every angle you enemy has to kill you, or rush and overwhelm them with fire power. You can plan out what you want to take into battle, do you sally early on in order to plant a forward delaying position or do you reinforce and brace for the wave that will hit? I feel like these are the things that make sieges feel amazing rather than having like a solid wall, set npc triggers, fixed controllable artillery that visually mimic what you would see in a recreation of a castle.

I try to follow the updates as much as possible but iv definitely missed a lot. If anything I mentioned has been covered or updated, could you please link it? It would be really appreciated.


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    McShaveMcShave Member
    edited October 2022
    from what I understand, and I don't know if this is up to date information, but you would be able to group up like 8 mages and blast a wall with some sort of mega spell. same for summoners and other classes with different effects. Maybe im just talking out my butt, but I thought Steven talked about this like 4 years ago.

    I'm pretty sure Steven has said more recently that there is no gunpowder in this universe, so any sort of sapper job would require a magical explosion (sappers do more than explosives, but something to note).

    I think we should wait for all the archetypes to be anounced and then see what kind of role each plays in the siege. maybe one class, like the rogue or ranger, would have a better time setting traps or disabling defensives than other classes.

    I would also be cool with some sort of engineering profession like there is in WoW. I think New World has a thing where you deploy explosive barrels against a wall to break through in a siege.
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