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open world raids

Have you guys thought about open world bosses evolving and getting stronger the more people that tag it? so a dragon that is tagged by 1-20 people is lvl 1. 21-40 lvl 2. so on and so forth. and each level adds another spell it uses. so at the start of the game 500 people dont go kill a open world boss.


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    The game will have a scaling difficulty, but we know that in dungeons, if you kill a boss the next boss should respond in kind by going up or down in power accordingly to scale slightly.

    World bosses I feel since they will invite large groups, MIGHT have some sort of dynamic scaling but really we don't know enough about this.

    You should post one of your questions on the AMA on the reddit thread (only one as that's the limit!)
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    I think they just have more complicated designs for world boss and not have them just be a damage sponge / Aoe dmg nuker that one shots everyone to create illusion of difficulty
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    This page has some info on how Intrepid is planning to address too many people attacking bosses
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