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Naval battle NPC Event -

Potential small/large fleet of ships of NPC invaders + small/boss size NPC allied water creatures, for node citizens to participate in and defend offshore. (some small boats offered by mayor with potential cost to mayor/node) (option to use larger ships if already owned)
Rewards I'm not sure of currently but potential materials/gold. (Enough to be a profitable return for node, to bolster economy)


Rewards for node participants upon completion, not sure if dropped loot on seas would be visible due to the difficulty to collect in water and potential enemy node interference. So sent to inventory/player homes via the mayor or collection from NPC may be best

For events that span multiple days the participants perhaps could have different thresholds to meet for daily targets of participation , with potential top 10/20 leaderboards for most prominent participants shown in the town square or something if the sort in a discrete but viable way that doesn't spoil the immersion.

Single occasion events that might span 30mins/1hour I would only include the participants for rewards which would most likely include anyone who hits the boss or an enemy in an attack on the node but add layered rewards for increased amount of participation, with chances of more valuable drops being available to all but higher % chance for those that spend the most time involved and/or damage/hits inflicted.

There may be some events that offline players can claim but it would most likely be things that benefit the overall node which would be something you'd have to balence 😅


I believe the events should be measured on risk Vs reward and should only be chosen by the mayor if they truly believe the node is capable in taking that task on.

There should be variety of options with different difficulty level events that are unlocked via each progression of the nodes stages. This responsibility of the mayor would have a large impact on the opinions of him/herself, if having potentially doomed the node in some regard if not careful.

The reward should be greatest if the difficulty of the event is highest at that particular node level, however the punishment for failure greater. This could be multiple hours of a percentage drop of resource refinement capabilities.
Higher npc cost for some time to make up for the cost of (fictional) damages and repairs to the node. Or maybe a slight increase in local NPC mobs strength due to the inflamed ego/will having succeed in a recent victory against the node.
Devestation/disease to the local crops that require a special treatment to cure, in order to sell or trade.
Thanks for listening ☺️

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