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Same old boring gear and weapons

AcijAcij Member
edited October 2022 in General Discussion
Practically every mmorpg out there at some stage, all player stat using same gears and same weapons.

I hope that they will make something that this mmorpg doesn't end up like that.
Also it would be awesome if they will add some other stats to gear and weapons, adding more diversity, like maybe attack speed, movement speed, crit,...


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    weapons already have those stats
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    It would be good if you made a conscious choice of what gear you want from different styles of gear that has different benefits so let’s say every lvl 50 fighter isn’t wearing the same armour. Different skins for each armour set.

    This is just a simple example.

    Lvl 50 power armour - dps related
    Lvl 50 tank armour - defence related
    Lvl 50 evasion armour - dexterity related
    Lvl 50 magic armour - intelligence related
    Lvl 50 skill armour - skill boost related

    And so on so you look at five different fighters and they have different looking armours.
    This is just a basic idea and that idea is have many different options available so all fighters aren’t wearing the same lvl 50 armour. I’m sure someone could improve on this idea.
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    Crafters will be able to assign different skills/abilities and stats on gear.[44][45]
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