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StormlordStormlord Member
edited September 27 in OCE Guild Recruitment
Why, hello there

I represent the AOS, A security force that has been slowly expanding across the gamer verse for the last 5 years. For a while now i have grown weary of the endless wars over the red zones in Albion Online and hope to find a game that might be more supportive of the playstyle in AOC.

While it would do us a world of good to lock down exactly the kinds of players we require the truth of the matter is we build online communities. With this in mind we seek mature, relaxed and social individuals who would like to come chill with us for a time.

Our Goal is to build a city which we would then call Harper's Bluff. It is my dream to create a city that is full of life, laughter and fun. and while its exact nature is yet to be decided and planned we will work towards a home with a strong combination of might, influence and money.

Please be..

- 18+ or mature.
- VC preferred but not required.
- Have some previous experience in a MMO.
- Be fine with being removed from the guild if inactive for 2 weeks.
- Be Chill.

Again, apologies for being so vague but I think there is insufficient information at this time to really lockdown the step by step until I have more information.

come check us out at

Discord -


  • Reserved for Future Updates
  • Reserved for Future Updates
  • Ping for a future recruitment blitz
  • Stormlord for President!
  • Veteran AOS Soldier reporting for duty! o/
  • DageraDagera Member
    edited September 28
    Stormlord wrote: »
    - VC preferred but not required.

    What does VC stand for ?
  • ApollossApolloss Member
    edited September 28
    Dagera wrote: »
    Stormlord wrote: »
    - VC preferred but not required.

    What does VC stand for ?

    Voice Chat -- Such as Discord. -- This guild is very experienced in other games. And leadership has built up guilds to a strong, active guild membership and communities which had a huge impact in those games multiple times, which changed the tide of battles and player experience for thousands of people over the years.

    This guild will be like in other games, a unique gameplay experience. Im stoked its moving to AOS!
  • Dagera wrote: »
    Stormlord wrote: »
    - VC preferred but not required.

    What does VC stand for ?

    Apolloss got it on one, Discord is our preferred VC as we can set up a number of chats for people to discuss our direction and future plans :)
  • doop
  • dedoop
  • Discord has new roles so we can clean up who"s in and who"s a guest :)

    Thanks for the interest guys
  • Brought in some more guys from Albion, had first casual get together
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