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Roleplay mechanics in the game or just PvE/PvP based game?

Will there be any roleplay mechanics in AoC like in gw2 and WoW? Or will the game only be focused on the PvE/PvP stuff? Cause, personaly in an MMO I'm looking for the roleplay mechanics aswell, And I think that AoC would be really interesting if it had these stuff!


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    <strong>Sorry for my english)</strong>

    Things are changing (c) Garrosh Hell Scream

    Games already go to dark of CyberSport more and it is not a secret.
    However, in my opinion legends of Lineage 2 and WoW leave a mark in all future and recent MMORPG.
    RP it will be, the developer wants it or not, players create the atmosphere of RP.

    What I loved Lineage 2 for? It for powerful RP out of reality of the Universe of Lineage 2.

    Created the character, a name to him, made a nice face or terrible and went to play.
    You initially - anybody.
    Even having pumped over and having dressed the character - you nobody.
    And only by means of communication and a social part of a game you could become someone.
    You kill all players - you are malicious PK.
    You have a strong and amicable clan, the beginning player knows about you even - you are good Clan the Leader, and your clan commands respect.

    Lineage 2 did not hang up labels - "Azerot's hero!"
    or - "The hero who has to save all!"
    You could become someone if you won back the role as you wanted and to become Really "bad" or "Good" hero by means of the actions to other players.
    And very strongly played a role - discuss you at a forum or not.

    Here and interestingly, whether this game same will be able to achieve?
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    I strongly agree with you about that. The "nobody becoming a somebody" through actual effort and dedication is something I absolutely loved in Lineage 2.
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    In terms of roleplay, I am curious how mounts/pets will work. I made a <a href="">thread</a> about it, and it is somewhat relevant to this topic. Mind giving me your thoughts?
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    I honestly don't know, I've only played gw2 and Swtor. In tor there was only.. Boring vhiecle mounts. In gw2, there are non. So I don't have that big expectations to be honest. But. to me it would be cool if it was like in WoW. I've seen that there are mounts that can fly? I do love the thought of that alot. If such a thing will exist in AoC I have a feeling it will make one feel more free in the world and feel more important and actually somewhat powerful, good or bad guy. Would not really matter.

    I think that the perticular ''I'm fancy and powerful player'' thought will go throu my mind if that does exist. Cause, who would not want a flying mount! And work really hard for it. I'd love that!
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    in the essence of role play - i 100% accept that it will be down to the players.
    i also agree that gw2 role play is dead (check the LFG lmao)

    in terms of role play mechanics from what i remember players can be given roles in nodes - such as mayor or in highly developed nodes - even KING/QUEEN.
    i don't know about you but that sounds like AoC and intrepid are handing these individuals the opportunity to role play with these server unique roles. Furthermore, those interested in role play in AoC would need to understand that sometimes people dont want to role play and just want to PK :D

    other than that, im a +1 for any new info on roleplay mechanics :)

    on the topic of mounts - i havent heard anything about flying - though we've had ground based confirmed and some of the arts look cool - check the community documentation in the discord for the link (#ashes_media - Duck's pinned message is the link and has a load of extra information! )

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