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Some ideas for inmersion while gathering

ManueljfManueljf Member
edited November 2022 in General Discussion
I would like if the fallen tree would stay for a couple minutes before despawning. And the stump maybe an hour or whatever is reasonable in sync with Intrepid idea for the regrowth time of the new tree.

Would be great if the lumberjack also had to make some more cuts on the fallen tree as the last step before receiving ítem in inventory.

I would like to hear your opinions


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    They already said the processes we saw were really sped up, I'm guessing this refers to the tree/stump disappearing as well.

    Also, they did say you will be able to co-op gather, with two people using a saw on a fallen tree, for example, and stuff like that too, so yeah
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    Hey @Manueljf
    There was a previous Thread about the exact same thing if you want to check it out ? But a bit more indepth :)
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