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About us:

The guild was founded 2021 as a group of old friends. We have been playing all kinds of MMO's for years and used to have different kind of guilds. (Most recently known as Copium in SOLO & Elyon)
We really established ourselves in Elyon & Lost Ark with great success to show.

As a Try-hard guild we will do our very best to succeed in any game our focus being PvP.
We always remain highly competitive while having a healthy guild structure.
Feedback/suggestions by our guild mates are appreciated in order to improve the guild

Are you here for the PvP and have fun doing so?

Website: https://nixx.gg
Discord: https://discord.gg/Nixx

If you're interested in joining our guild please join our discord and create a ticket Check the Intro channel.
We are currently soft recruiting for Ashes.

What we Offer:

Good Guild environment.
Extensive Private guides.
Experienced PvP raid leaders & Shotcallers.
Great core of players.
Active Discord bots.

What are we looking for:

- We are looking for players with a competitive mindset.
- Voice chat is expected during playtime.
- Experienced players.
- People who are not afraid of a challenge.

Recent Achievements:

- Rank 1 guild in Elyon over the first couple of months.
- Highest average gear score in Elyon throughout the entirety of the game. All our members where in the top 100 Gearscore.
- First guild in EU to clear all End-game Stage 5 dungeons and Raids.
- Multiple PvP Islands holders in Lost ark (Kadan) (Medeia, Slime, Deathshold).
- Only Guild on Lost ark (Kadan) to hold both S-tier PvP Islands at the same time.

Check our website for more details.



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