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About us:

The guild was founded 2021 as a group of old friends. We have been playing all kinds of MMO's for years and used to have different kind of guilds. (Most recently known as Copium in SOLO & Elyon)
We really established ourselves in Elyon & Lost Ark with great success to show.

As a Try-hard guild we will do our very best to succeed in any game our focus being PvP.
We always remain highly competitive while having a healthy guild structure.
Feedback/suggestions by our guild mates are appreciated in order to improve the guild

Are you here for the PvP and have fun doing so?


If you're interested in joining our guild please join our discord and create a ticket Check the Intro channel.
We are currently soft recruiting for Ashes.

What we Offer:

Good Guild environment.
Extensive Private guides.
Experienced PvP raid leaders & Shotcallers.
Great core of players.
Active Discord bots.

What are we looking for:

- We are looking for players with a competitive mindset.
- Voice chat is expected during playtime.
- Experienced players.
- People who are not afraid of a challenge.

Recent Achievements:

- Rank 1 guild in Elyon over the first couple of months.
- Highest average gear score in Elyon throughout the entirety of the game. All our members where in the top 100 Gearscore.
- First guild in EU to clear all End-game Stage 5 dungeons and Raids.
- Multiple PvP Islands holders in Lost ark (Kadan) (Medeia, Slime, Deathshold).
- Only Guild on Lost ark (Kadan) to hold both S-tier PvP Islands at the same time.

Check our website for more details.



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