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SUGGESTION: Visual Impairment Assistance

TarrithTarrith Member
edited November 2022 in General Discussion
Being visually impaired (a sort of tunnel vision) I would like to suggest a change in a couple of visual elements.
When sprint boost is active, the white swirly think is extremely distracting. A slightly blurred element around the edge of the screen is preferable.
When a player character is hit I have found a red tinging in the direction of the damage to be very helpful. Low health is also great having that red tinge around the edges of the screen...just not too much otherwise it becomes a visual impediment more than an assistance. These elements could be optional.

Having said I can't wait to play this game! Looks fantastic!



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    NoaaniNoaani Member, Intrepid Pack
    IMO, since Intrepid have said they want the game to have a robust UI that doesnt have a need for mods, all of the above should be included, as well as much more.

    They should all be options to turn on or off at a players discretion, but they should all be there.

    Having an Accessibility menu clearly visible both in the main menu screen and also the in game menu should all be things we take for granted.
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    As someone who isn't visually impaired, I find the current effects overwhelming. It would be great to turn some skill effects things off.
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