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Off topic post EQ99 vs Vanilla WoW mobs

I just wanted to put few thoughts to point few things out.

I think no one wants to play game like EQ99 today, even I think that I would be bored. I compared some videos of EQ99 and vanilla WoW, and vanilla is much more casual friendly yet it had this sweet spot of being hard core (meaning that mobs were hard enough to keep player interested and to be careful as where player is stepping his foot on)

Go watch some everlook WoW vanilla fresh videos on twitch, people are streaming now. Its a private server without layering and same vibe as official vanilla (classic vanilla in 2019 did not have same systems as this server) Watch it and compare it with EQ99 combat vs mobs in open world. You dont have to play it in order to notice how combat is being made. Every mob dies within 10sec, if you are melee then mobs will usually get you to 60% hp, if you are ranged with slow then you can kill it without mob touching you (mages for example, hunter because of pet, same goes for warlock's pet, priest because of shield - basically mob gets to you with 50%hp, so its easy to kill it, mages can freeze mob for 7sec and get away etc...)

Mana was meaningful and AoC is doing that great I think, but this is off topic, just wanted to sort some things because some of us spoke about some of our ideas / wishes for AoC.
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