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  • maouwmaouw Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    On the religion end of things, I'd like to imagine that the bishop of a religion can declare a ban on certain ingredients - then followers gain some sort of follower bonus as long as they are abstaining from food that contains <banned ingredient>.
    Then the reverse of that: religious celebrations where a certain ingredient is considered "holy" so everyone prepares a dish that uses that ingredient.
    I wish I were deep and tragic
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  • JustVineJustVine Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
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    maouw wrote: »
    Cooking has really strong ties to culture (related: religion)!

    Borrowing from other fantasy settings I've read/watched/played:

    Elves: most likely to be vegetarian, rarely need to eat - one meal sustains them for a long time, but they also can't eat as much as everyone else would. Because of their long age, they have developed sophisticated tastes for particular ingredients. I imagine their cuisine to be like High Class French or Japanese cuisine - very deconstructed and compartmentalized, with a variety of side dishes (especially pickled foods). If they do eat meat, it's proscuitto or lightly flavoured fish. They snack on fine wines and cheese.

    Orcs: the hungriest of all Verrans - and if it doesn't have meat, what's the point? Favourite foods are Spit Roasted <beast> doused in a <herb> and <herb> sauce eaten with <wild berry>, the rawer the better. Orcs were historically nomadic, living off the land. As a snack they enjoy lightly toasted critters like worms, spiders and other bugs.

    Dwarves: masters of beer and deep fried foods, and candies. Their grandmas ALL think their children are getting too thin and need to put on some weight. Simplicity is the winner here, dwarves want a simple meal that's straightforward to eat between gulps of beer. Deep Fried <earth vegetable> Wedges, Deep Fried <schnitzel/patty>, Gravy and a few jugs of beer. Dwarves are pretty stubborn about the foods they eat, if it already tastes great, why bother trying other foods? Dwarves are known to get cravings for high mineral foods - their body composition demands higher trace element intake - so it's quite common to see them snacking on rock candies, salt candies, or if desperate they've been caught gnawwing on ores.

    Humans: Humans have tamed the earth to produce bountiful harvests by the sweat of their brows. Spice and variety are the name of the game, they'll sail oceans to get their hands on more spices. Humans love a good curry, a mixed salad, or a creamy pasta dish. They'll snack on baked goods - cakes, cookies, crumbles. When the world is your oyster, what do you want to eat today?

    Tulnar: Desperate times call for desperate measures, but after a few millenia - these things become the norm and you want to try something new. Exotic is the word that describes Tulnar cuisine. Surrounded by fungi, mushrooms usually form the base of their dishes on which they build curiously beautiful (sometimes questionable) dishes. Tulnars are masters of aged and fermented foods which they use to incorporate strangely addictive flavours into their dishes. They love a colourful stew, full of odd things to bite on and noodles to slurp. What? Snake venom sauce?! Little accidents have taught the tulnar how to handle things like the paralyzing puffer-fish dishes, but you need great cullinary experience to prepare those dishes safely.

    I don't think races should be limited to only their own cuisines, but it would make sense if you learned how to cook the dishes of your own culture faster than than those from other cultures.

    We have discussed this in another thread long ago, though I'm not going to go bother Azherae to find it with her code.

    We also know a lot more about the various races sense then.


    Pyrai could be vegetarian, but I doubt Empyrian are. I'd expect them to be more so renowned for their Pastries, custards, charcuterie, and other refined foods. French cuisine is probably the best parallel.


    Fried food? In this economy? I could sort of see it but I figure mountain dwelling Dunir would be potato/tuber centric more specifically. But sure that still fits fried cheesy goodness. Nikua on the other hand... Presentation and ingredient purity are the more likely focus. And fish. Fresh and wriggling (then grilled to perfection.)


    I hard disagree here. Renkai fit what you are talking about... Kind of. But calorie density is super important for Renkai physiology and lifestyle. Probably lots of meat and dairy. Insects fit tulnar much more. Vek otoh are probably much more focused on gathering but with a large emphasis on fruits and fungus.

    Humans and Tulnar were mostly in agreement.
  • I have no doubt that there will be tons of great foods to cook, but don't be like most MMOs and forget about drinks! Fresh fruit juices, herbal teas, piping hot coffee, smooth dairy beverages, and alcoholic brews should all have many variations with ingredients sourced from all over the world map. The inability to cultivate coffee in cold climates and harvest delicate herbs in hot ones could make excellent drivers for trade. The flow of tea and spices was a major driving force behind charting the seas for us, so use those same factors to create a reason for commerce in AoC, whether by land or by sea.

    Brewing was an absolutely essential trade in the old days, and not just for the production of the alcohol itself! Yeast needed by bakers was sourced from brewers - without a brewer to provide the yeast, only tough unleavened breads could be made (or they would have to resort to other, less effective forms of leavening). But of course the brewers themselves focused on their own craft, and there was no shortage of variety with so many possible ingredients. Today's apple (or pear, or many other fruits') juice is next month's cider, sweet and sticky honey yields smooth mead, grains such as barley and rye become malt for beer or can be distilled into potent liquors, sugarcane makes rum just as well as it makes desserts, and we can't forget the humble grape becoming wine.

    The best part is that each of those ingredients which can be used for making beverages can also be used to make food items as well, creating multiple options for every resource and facing players with meaningful choices in terms of how they process them. How much of a farmer's corn crop should they dry and grind into cornmeal vs fermenting and distilling into whiskey? Would those wild blueberries you harvested be better in a fresh pie, preserved as jam, or turned into wine? There are so many options - make them all viable and see what choices the players make!
  • MrWorldwide45MrWorldwide45 Member
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    Minotaur steaks! Cougar stew. Adventurers to a land unexplored for a thousand years can't be picky. Hopefully Verran chefs are coming up with all kinds of interesting ways to eat anything!
    Roast goblin, smoked wyvern, the gizzards of giant lizards stewed with an exotic blue grain and a vegetable that looks like an unripe banana on the outside but peels apart like a leek.
    Oddjob wrote: »
    Tulnar soup! 🍲
    Are there fishy Tulnar? Tulnar fin soup ;P
  • NerrorNerror Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
  • Pie. 🤗
  • JustVineJustVine Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    CROW3 wrote: »
    Pie. 🤗

    Predictable. Yet humble.
  • CROW3 wrote: »
    Pie. 🤗

    Titus Andronicus style.

    Also release a RL paper cookbook of Verran Recipes (that can be recreated with actual ingredients) in say October 2027 when the game's been out for a few months. Fans will eat that up.
  • JustVine wrote: »
    CROW3 wrote: »
    Pie. 🤗

    Predictable. Yet humble.

    I’m nothing if not consistent, my friend.

  • JustVine wrote: »

    Pyrai could be vegetarian, but I doubt Empyrian are. I'd expect them to be more so renowned for their Pastries, custards, charcuterie, and other refined foods. French cuisine is probably the best parallel.

    I actually enjoy some versions of Wood Elves like the Pyrai, where they are so protective of plant life and forests, that they are actually more carnivourous, and even cannibalistic, wasting nothing.

    Not sure if others enjoy this darker take on wilder Wood Elves like the pyrai.

    But I like a traditional even violent protection of the land from Wood elves, rather than a high minded one.
    Certainly gritier than their high elf counterparts in the Empyrian.
  • Pickled herring, potatoes and mayo.

    Much love. ❤️
  • NerrorNerror Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Sunboy wrote: »
    Pickled herring, potatoes and mayo.

    Much love. ❤️

    How very scandinavian! I would go with pickled herring, a fried egg sunny side up, mayo, and on rye bread with butter. Sprinkle chives on top if so desired.
  • JhorenJhoren Member
    edited November 22
    Nerror wrote: »
    Sunboy wrote: »
    Pickled herring, potatoes and mayo.

    Much love. ❤️

    How very scandinavian! I would go with pickled herring, a fried egg sunny side up, mayo, and on rye bread with butter. Sprinkle chives on top if so desired.

    Oh man, great, thanks, now I need that for lunch.
  • horendishorendis Member, Intrepid Pack, Alpha One
    The Greyshore Company Tavern presents the 10 seas drink menu:

    Tradewind Sea Breeze - Mixed with berries. Light and refreshing.You'll be sheets to the wind after a few of these.
    Sandsqual Sea Sway - This coconut rum will make you feel a little dinghy.
    Avaric Ocean Motion - Good for room spinning but often ends in bringing up stuff from the depths.
    Fortunic Stout - Many a Dunir's favorite beer. Served in short tankards.
    Umbrel Rumble - (Also called the Umbrel Swell.) This ale is served in iced mugs, but it WILL thaw out your bones.
    Turquoise Sea Swill - Many claim to turn blue after too many of these sailor favorites.
    Misty Sea Fogcutter - (Also called the Salty Dog) Served with a splash of seawater
    Sea of Falling Stars - (Also called the Harbinger Special) Better than a conk on the head!
    Dorin's Port and Starboard - Not to be confused with Doren's Port which will leave you exploring the bottom of your bottle.
    Squall's End of the Road - Perfect for those with a dry to the bone thirst.

    The Toren Half Elf Tavern presents 10 under the table drinks menu:

    Winstead Wallop - You'll be the first to "level up" with this classic beverage.
    Howling Gale Ale - Made with a secret grain, it causes you to pass gas. Expect the tavern to be filled with more than drunken laughter.
    Brinebarrel Roller - You'll need a caravan to haul your friends away after a pitcher of this.
    Talismire Crier - Served with a side of raw onions. This fine wine will bring you to tears.
    Carphin Barfin - This magical drink will give you a glow, unless you eat food along with it. Many have made this mistake, to their ruin. (Pun intended)
    Riverlands Rapids - (Also known as Cyclops Drops) You'll feel a rush, but pay for it in the end.
    Atrax's Golden Chalice - Don't be fooled by the taste. After a few drinks you'll feel the corruption creeping in.
    Sanctus Hurl - This hard liquor will either make you feel like you've been flung through a portal or reel from motion sickness.
    Bodabodaga - One shot of this heady brew and you'll be seeing vanishing Kirins all day long.
    Tulnar Toe Jam - This gooey grog is dark brewed. Many cannot "bear" this. Makes you want to hibernate in a cave.

    Summoner Gone Ranger Tavern presents 10 beverage beasts to master:

    Yeti Unsteady - This white wine is served on ice. It will give you the shivers.
    Minotaur Growler - This grog will bring out the beast in you.
    Yaagoth Broth - You should never drink alone. This goes for Yaagoth hunters as well.
    Najash Temple Throb - This brew will slowly slither up on you, but you will have a headache in the morning.
    Cindersteer Beer - More of a punch than a beer. It is best lit with a flame before serving.
    Lamont's Lament - This tasty hard cider will make you feel like the undead as you stumble out of the tavern.
    Collywobble Gobble - This disgusting gunk, more of a stew than a drink, is favored by hunters. It's been said to tame the wildest of beasts or orcs.
    Sladeborne Shuffle - A strong herbal tonic. It will make you want to fly... but, of course you can't.
    Quarrior Claw - A distilled alcohol good for getting stoned.
    Whispering Watcher - A purple plum wine for the flighty personality. Those seen drinking it are often told (in jest) that they have a good head on their shoulders.

    The Lightpact Sixpack Tavern Presents 10 drinks you'll never forget:

    Rum Runner - For when you are sure there is an archer on the hill.
    Potion Launcher Chaser - It's a blast!
    Paladin's Might Light Beer - If you want to keep your wits about you before going into the battle.
    The Drifter - You'll feel like you've warped space and swapped your loccation. Many imbibers of this often say, "Where the heck am I?"
    Apocalypse Sip "We will never forget." Unless you drink too much of this...
    Erinthia Forest Lager (Pun Intended)
    Catfall Boot - A distilled spirit. You'll feel like you're floating on air.
    Legendary Bow Headshot You'll forget all about the approaching corruption storm with just one shot of this.
    Gateway Gargle - Similar to the Salty Dog but with a Potion Launcher Chaser
    Emderstorm Dragon Flagon - This is a hot item!
  • Magic mana shroom pizza with an enchanted cactus juice cocktail and a piece of mammoth milk chocolate sounds like a nice beach vacation meal combo.

    Also there should be both a dwarf and an orc beer recipe with an unofficial competition between those races over who did it better.
  • BillzbubBillzbub Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Copium, a drink made from the tears of rangers with the special effect of "Sets health regeneration rate to 100% of its normal value".
  • Deep rock galactic has a number of just 'for fun' craft beers that you can make that have interesting, ~cosmetic only effects. Some examples include forcing the player to glow and dance, setting them on fire, having them fart and be stinky, etc. I think having similar cosmetic foods is always a nice touch.
  • I would like to see Barbecued shrimp, Broiled shrimp, Baked shrimp, Sauted shrimp, Shrimp kebabs, Shrimp creole, Shrimp gumbo, Pan-fried shrimp, Deep-fried shrimp, Stir-fried shrimp, Pineapple shrimp, Lemon shrimp, Coconut shrimp, Pepper shrimp, Shrimp soup, Shrimp stew, Shrimp salad, Shrimp and potatoes, Shrimp sandwich. That's about it.
  • What long weekend of festivities? We Verrans are far too busy sieging nodes and ravaging the land to hold harvest festivals!

    But if there's a spare gin and tonic knocking about, well, then send a raven and I'll be there.
  • i want to be able to fail cooking by undercooking or burning something
  • SweatycupSweatycup Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    edited November 22
    Horse and Mushroom Stew with Arachnid Croutons
    Prickly Apple Pie - Cactus and Apples
    Seaweed Flangglers Sushi Rolls
    Rabbit and Medley(Various Greens)
    A Bone Marrow Stew or Appetizer

    For the daring:
    The Otter Wolved Bear - A Otter shoved in a Wolf shoved in a Bear cooked slowly over fire - Feast Sized
  • Definitely Hakarl, fermented shark.ákarl
  • I'm big mushroom lover, so any and all recipes involving mushrooms! Bonus points if there are actually different kinds with various levels of rarity used in their appropriate dishes.

    Overall, I just really hope the cooking system allows us to discover the majority of what we do, perhaps with the odd chance of finding recipes in the world here and there. I'd really like it if cooking components were their own "recipes" to discover. What's the right combination of base ingredients to create a pastry crust instead of bread dough? Will a dash of flour separate blueberry jelly from blueberry pie filling? Will I have to source a mirepoix to create savory cooking stocks? Will there be a good variety of spices and seasoning blends to distinguish desserts and regional/race-specific flavor styles? These are the kinds of things I love thinking about in cooking systems.

    If I can approach the system almost as I would approach cooking in real life, I have a lot of fun. But, for an example, if making spaghetti and meatballs is as simple as slapping together some wheat, a slab of meat, and a tomato, I'm not particularly motivated.
  • Arya_YesheArya_Yeshe Member
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    • Pitaya fruit: also known as dragon fruit
    • Rambutan fruit: google that
    • Fermented mare milk: the drink of the horse riders
    • Chhaang: is a relative of beer. Barley, millet (finger-millet) or rice grains are used to brew the drink
    • Quindim: dessert made of egg yolks, coconut and sugar
    • Flan: crème caramel
    • Momo dumpling
  • xlangatangxxlangatangx Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    Can I add pretty flowers to my teas? I don't care if they don't have function other than changing the teas' appearance cosmetically. I just want to add some color :)

    For food:
    How about some food that tells a story? Not so much about a great recipe, but is more theatrical in presentation.

    How cool would it be to get some lore from the food we eat? Here's a few things my group cooked up for Game of Thrones day every week.

    This was after Battle of the Bastards. Homemade cheese sticks that tell the tale of the phalanx that pressed the Stark army inward.

    Heads on a spike. This symbolized the beheading of the Ned and any Winterfell loyalists that were decapitated when the Lannister family took the throne.

    Nothing exciting here, but some 'bloody' cupcakes to symbolize the brutality of the Boltons.

    The Flayed man hot dogs. Food resembling the sigil of the Bolton family.

    And don't forgot about Reek. Always have to include the vegetarians.

    I know the world of Verra doesn't have the same level of history as most fantasy settings since it has been abandoned for a very long time. But it would be cool if the food we ate told us stories about the world to a small degree.
  • It might be interesting to have ingredients gathered from mobs that have abilities that change the nature of the food. There has also been mention of a few cannibalistic folks lurking around Verra. Perhaps a type of pie that could be made with the flesh of each of the player races? When consumed it gives you access to the race's abilities whose flesh you used in making the pie, for a short duration.
  • DolyemDolyem Member
    edited November 22

    Several types of alcohol including wines, spirits, beers, meads, etc. Don't overlook the types of drinks that can be crafted! Even non alcoholic things such as teas!

    You should give each race their own influence on food through their culture. This can be reflected by your inspirations of design for the races you already have incorporated. You can even vary the meal times and number of meals that are considered normal amongst each race (what about second breakfast?)

    I will say that Nikua should make a Loco Moco for sureeeee.

  • Screaming ice cream!
  • HighSpeedHotdogHighSpeedHotdog Member, Leader of Men, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    edited November 22
    Verrans need brunch, so I'd like to table some eggs benedict made with Dunir muffins and grilled tulnar bacon.


    I'd also like to see meals that utilise verran liquor to make parts of the dish. Like a burgundy pie or white wine sauce for seafood.

    A sandsqual scorpion vindaloo curry would be yum too
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