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Lost at sea during sea storms turns off map location

Arya_YesheArya_Yeshe Member
edited November 23 in General Discussion
Lost at sea during sea storms: the sea storms should stop updating the information about where the players are located

Rules and conditions:
  • sea storm event
  • players will be considered "lost" and will have a lost status
  • turn off location update in the map and minimap
  • other party members can't see lost players in the map or minimap
  • should have no landlmarks around
  • should have no land around
  • should have no boss around
  • there is only water around
  • after being inside a storm even if you leave the storm you will still be lost, since your references are gone
  • landmarks of any kind will clear the lost status and turn on location update again
  • disembarking and going back to land doesn't reactivate the map and minimap location update, you still have to see a landmark
  • if anyone in the party and within range sees a landmark then the location update is turned on for everybody in the party if they are within range of each other (the lost guy who swam away will be still lost)
  • players in the party who are outside the storm won't be lost, but they have to walk to the lost players to clear their lost status
  • talking to any NPC clears the lost status
  • if a player who is not lost opens a player to player trade window then it will clear the lost status, this other guy has to be willing to clear your lost status
  • clear night sky clears the lost status, this could be tied to having a skilled seaman in the party

When the players go back near landmarks then the location in the maps and minimaps should be updated, having just land is not enough (just look at Christopher Columbus)

Landmarks of any kind will turn on location update, you coud still be in the storm but if you sail around landmaks you will be fine

After leaving the storm you still have no idea where you are, you have to sail until you see a landmark so you can reactivate the map and minimap update

General idea is that if you are lost you can clear the status:
  • if you see landmarks
  • see the night sky
  • get in contact with people who aren't lost


Orignally posted in another thread, I decided to make a specific thread about this one so I can get some hate comments

There's already 16 of my ideas there being ship upgrades, PvE and PvP


  • Sounds fun
  • 3Snap3Snap Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Pretty cool idea, I'd be up for it but the storm needs to batter and turn the boat around into random directions that way the player can't just keep holding forward
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