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Weapons and combinations

PodricklamarPodricklamar Member
edited November 2022 in General Discussion
Hi Intrepid and fellow Ashes fans!

I would like to suggest some combinations for combat and weapon styles.
Like no other game has today but warriors of our old age have used through time, Shield and SPEAR!!!

I mean cmon! No other game is using spear as a 1 handed option. Just to mention one of our coolest Warriors who have been remembered like the best of the best. Spartans!! What are your profession?!? Hooorahh hoorahhh!

I would love to see some different combinations where you can be have fun while also feel like a Greek Pantheon and Spartan impaling monsters and cracking skulls with their massive shield.
Long cloaks flowing in the wind and so on.

Perhaps even let you customize the animations for your class, not super much but different stances etc.

Ohh right, please make the freaking cloaks look good. So far every game out there have trash cloak animations.... No tearing, not stiff table cloths and not too short. They should be able to attach around the shoulders to the armor, hanging down low to the ground. Flailing beautifully with the wind for amazing screenshots.

Just some suggestions as you see and would love to hear about what you guys have in mind!

Peace out Fellow gamers ❤️❤️❤️


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    No other game is using *SPEAR as a 1 hander its supposed to say
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    There are spears in Ashes of Creation!

    As for cloaks, you can see some examples in many of their videos and in the alpha 1. Definitely more fluid and not stiff like some mmos hehe. They are also long and look very nice. Not sure about tearing or ripping though, could be complicated from an engine physics perspective and not sure whats the value it bring to players.

    What I do think is that having "worn out" look on armor and capes would be cool to go with the durability decaying! And going to a taylor or armorsmith to repair armor would also return the looks to pristine!
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    The question is if i can be a Spartan with Shield and SPEAR? Hope so!

    Yeah i looked a little more yday and it looks good.
    With tearing i mean that it shouldnt go into the character model. It might be clipping i dont know the term.

    Love your suggestion m8, some dirt and dmg is always nice!
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