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Weather Effects on Character

MembaberryMembaberry Member
edited December 2022 in General Discussion
(Sorry if already answered)

Will weather effects such as rain/cold/snow apply debuff to your character or reduce stats in some way until you are warm/dry/sheltered? This has always been the final touch to immersion for me because it links you to the environment in a relatable way and draws real world feelings (think Valheim). There's nothing like siting inside by a warm fire while storms roll by, or drying off after swimming across a lake or ocean.


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    I think they mentioned weather having an effect on your character, like a fire spell not having as much range/damage while it's raining, mud slowing you down, etc.
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    edited December 2022
    I really wouldn't want weather to affect stats on your character. I believe it would affect when/what season PvP combat would take place (Node siege). If a certain season/weather negatively affect stats, it would discourage players to engage in PvP for that specific season or weather.

    I'm fine with it being just visual. If it's rainy, it makes your character look wet, if it's snowy maybe your shoulders has a little snow on it etc. I'm also for certain terrain like deep mud being slower to run in. But that's about it.
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    I think those fall under survival mechanics and I believe we are told those will not really be in the game. As mentioned already, weather will impact combat though. Not sure if siege weapons will be impacted.
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