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Cleric Showcase Recap and Discussion Question On Nighttime Lighting

JahlonJahlon Member, Intrepid Pack, Alpha One
Intrepid Studios did their November u/AshesofCreation livestream this past Friday and it was filled with of great information. The biggest piece is that they did the Cleric Showcase, although it was less showcased that the Ranger and the Fighter. Hopefully Intrepid will consider bringing back the Archetype skills list images like we had in the past so people have some idea what the different abilities are and what they do. Intrepid also showed off group play with the Cleric, the Ranger, and the Fighter exploring an area filled with Undead Zombies and Skinriders.

There was a lot of discussion regarding group synergies and abilities synergies and combos. As well as knowing your enemy when you are grinding, plus resource management.

Discussion Question:

Was the night time gameplay dark enough for you? Do you want it to be darker everywhere? Do you want to be forced to equip a light source in your off-hand?
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