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To Intrepid and Steven. Please do not let the comments of impatient, narrow minded and short sighted people influence the timeline for when content is ready to be released.
Rest assured that the vast majority of true gamers, would rather wait longer for a game and content that is up to par, then settle for fast released substandard pish.
Keep up the awesome work 👍💪


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    Who ever questioned that?
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    "impatient, narrow minded and short sighted people"... Not the greatest way to start a thread.
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    Agreed. Last thing we need is another quick released MMO that dies 1 month in. MMOs take time.
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    Even when AoC is released with everything working beautifully, the problem will be that "impatient, narrow minded and short sighted people" will quit early because this this game don't play like the rest! Very little fast travel, every node its own market, 'always on' PvP.

    So in a way, I agree with the OP.
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