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PLZ read! Quest Generator Idea (for future expansion) No MORE guides!!

Imagine if you created a quest generator system that created unique quests, and quest chains that players could invite other players to join.

Say goodbye to How-to quest websites, and speed leveling guides!

Also I think it would fit really well in Ashes of Creation.

Take the generic quest generator system seen in recent/past games such as Skyrim, but expand it to create unique and interesting quests and quest lines.
it would require a lot of AI, a lot of spawn locations, and a lot of writing random idea's and then creating tiers of components for each section.

NPC's would spawn in the game unique to that specifically generated quest. NPC's that anyone can interact with, but only disappear or stop respawning when the quest chain has been completed and handed in (as a group or party), or perhaps when their "role" in the segment of the chain is completed.

There would NPC's, interactable items, inventory quest items, small environmental static décor (caravans, tents, camps, ruined caravans, strewn items, boxes n crates) anything that doesn't up-set the game world or environment too much.
You could place spawn points for the more difficult generated quests in hard to reach area's. The sky is the limit!
It might generate a quest that is close to impossible to finish, but VERY unlikely.
Along with the quest there might be written dialogue, hints, faction related interaction, player or profession interacted elements. It all comes down to what the generator does given each individual generation.

Ill try to give an example. Remember this is hypothetical.

Imagine it generates a quests chain..
It generates how many parts, lets say 6 parts.
It generates each part individually,
perhaps sometimes it generates 2 parts from a list
of "cohesive components"

Part 1, the intro: go talk to an npc in a neighboring village about a problem

that in itself could have many variants, (talk, fight, trade, inspect, emote, duel) ( neighboring village, town, city, camp, freehold) ( close, far, or the current town your in)

Part 2, "the prolbem".. maybe it generates a frog infestation (could be a thousand things)

Part 3 "the reason for the problem or cause" it generates a smuggler gang that's trying to cause trouble for some worm farmers (again a thousand things)

Part 4.. "the solution", it generates a recipe you need to get for a potion that you have to hire a high level Human player alchemist to create/brew, (really just a quest item with a trigger/line of code/ that has some flavor)
like an.. .. ..elixir of firefly-polymorphy.

Part 5.. "Resolution". Use the elixir of firefly-polymorphy on the smugglers ale keg, and watch them turn into firefly's (that get eaten by the toad infestation) ***this might be generated from the cohesive components section***

Part 6 "The Outro" Return to the NPC quest giver, and receive reward.
or perhaps..
a human player, or guild or faction that decided to turn/convert a high level generated quest into a bounty reward and hire people to get it done.

Anyone of these components could show up in any manner of quest, but given how many different unique components would be needed to pull this off, it would be rare, or you might not even notice.

And there you have a unique quest that may never happen again,
that you can invite other plays to join in on, or
maybe, just maybe the smugglers camp happens to get spawned into a difficult to reach location.. like as an example a tier 3 dungeon area
so you need an entire raid or maybe five-man group to get to them at all.

There could then be a system in place to calculate the difficulty, based on spawn locations, NPC's involved, how many parts there is, and your level.. and creates a scaled reward.

I know this is possible, all the separate elements that make it up have been done before, just never stitched together, it involves a great deal of work, and organization and being creative.


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    that wouldnt prevent guides tho T_T

    you would be connecting things that at some point, had to be done manually. you can have lots of combinations tho, but a limited number of quests in each part of the chain
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    Cat QuiverCat Quiver Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    a quest generator system that created unique quests
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    pyrealpyreal Member, Warrior of Old
    I like it.

    Definitely doable.
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    Arya_YesheArya_Yeshe Member
    edited December 2022
    I'm too tired to read sorry
    PvE means: A handful of coins and a bag of boredom.
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    sounds cool. Kind of reminds me of what star wars galaxies was going for with their player created quests in terms of preventing the use of guides etc.
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