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[NA] Dark Star Imperium | PvP / PvX | International | Veteran Community

HoffmannHoffmann Member
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- A 1200+ member community of PvPers with majority 24hr coverage, mostly NA populated, We are an open and blunt collection of military vets and nerds looking for a good time and some Competitive PvP. We are a gaming community who plays alot of Alpha/Beta games and will be heavy focusing our members into Ashes of Creation.

If interested in joining a longstanding and stable no nonsense community or initiating diplo please open a ticket in our discord.


An open forum where anyone can speak their mind and affect change. Community effort / Teamwork above all.

While it is clearly established we are a collection of gamers with a common interest for PvP, We are much more than this. DSI as a whole is not just a community but a family.
Our driving motivation is to have fun playing the games we love and build something great out of our collective efforts we can all be proud of and excited to be a part of.

Such as creating original content from the ground up, polishing rich lore and a universe entirely of our own, molding it into something tangible.

Infusing the creativity of our members in every aspect of our community and watch it grow. Hosting events and coming together, holding nothing back while we shit talk to each other and have a good time. Make lifelong friends and just be there for each other.


- We're looking for PvPers, Market Maniacs, Crafters, Gatherers
- New players welcome, we will help get you started when we all join in Alpha 2 together.
- Military/Dark humor is abundant so maturity and thick skin is encouraged.
- Those looking for a team effort! Quality over quantity. Serious applicants only.
- Ability to speak English and active in voice.
- 18+ w/ Mic

Join our discord today!

Point of Contact: Hoffmann#0239

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